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 on: Today at 09:56:07 AM 
Started by calhound - Last post by johoward
Just got up Cal.  Very sorry to hear about your good friend going off to wait for you in Heaven.  Thanks for making the heroic effort to let us know.  You are very strong.  GBU

 on: Today at 09:35:54 AM 
Started by T40cfr403 - Last post by MpMom

 on: Today at 09:35:04 AM 
Started by Lani - Last post by LisaG1967
Good Morning Beakers

oldguy - Thanks for the videos, still love to see the Q-kids videos.  They are growing up!

Lani - Awww, love the sleeping pups. 

Phyl - Thanks for all the links this morning. Hope everything works out for Jim, and the doc can get him fixed up.  My brother had heart, and the same stage of kidney disease as Jim, but his kidney's were not functioning well.  He had to be on dialysis. 

tsk - We are dreary today.  I hope it clears up. 

kb - Oh my goodness!  Hope the eaglet makes it.

 on: Today at 09:14:52 AM 
Started by Lani - Last post by kbshcb

That's a baby eaglet under the debris by the woman's hand with red nail polish.

Story posted in DNR fb page but the nest is in Hastings, MN

2 of the 3 eaglets did die, but one was alive and taken to the Raptor Center in St. Paul MN

Story posted by Scott Northard:
Yesterday morning the Bald Eagles nest just north of Lake Rebecca blew down in the high winds. For the last 14 years, we have used a telescope to watch the nest out of our back window and have seen eagles hatch in all but 2 of those years. I had been watching it that morning and noticed the eggs had hatched and the adults were feeding some baby eaglets. When I looked again a short time later a large branch had broken and the nest was gone.
We immediately called Carpenter Nature Center and they said they would send some of their staff out to see if the eagle chicks survived and if they could safely transport them to the University of Minnesota Raptor Center. We met them at Lake Rebecca Park, and found the tree and what was left of the nest on the ground. We found 2 dead baby eaglets, and while we were listening, we could hear a tiny peeping noise. After digging through the pile of sticks and twigs, we found a third baby eaglet still alive. It was gently removed and put in a cloth inside a box and transported to the Raptor Center, with another eagle from Welch that was also rescued that day. The Raptor Center reported that the eaglet arrived safely and is under their care.
Although it was sad to see the nest go down in the wind and 2 of the eaglets die, we were grateful that one could be rescued. Hopefully, the adult eagles will rebuild the nest nearby and continue to raise more eaglets.
Many thanks go out to Jen Vieth, Al Maloney, Sarah Germscheid, Tess Zahradka, and volunteer Dwight Smith of Carpenter Nature Center for their quick and professional response! And thanks to the U of M Raptor Center for their dedication to rehabilitating these magnificent birds when they need our help. We are fortunate that caring groups like this exist in our community.

 on: Today at 06:54:15 AM 
Started by Lani - Last post by tsk34

Cloudy - more rain later today - high 53

OLDGUY   I liked looking back at the original " We Can Work It Out"  ;D   Good band  :)    Miri is quite the tree climber  :o

PHYL   I know someone  - a doctor husband of a friend of mine - Same predicament.   He's on a fine balance of meds for both heart and kidney disease.  (((JIM)))  Special prayers for Jim and you too.    Blue Goose coffee - wonder what that tasted like?  LOL   Such architects - those woodpeckers   365    Hopefully one day Parkinsons will have a cure.  :-\

 on: Today at 06:07:57 AM 
Started by Lani - Last post by Phyl

1st-of-its-kind Parkinson's treatment may slow aggressive disease, trial hints


 on: Today at 06:06:45 AM 
Started by Lani - Last post by Phyl

Explosive 'devil comet' 12P will soon be at its brightest and best.
Here's how to see it before it disappears.


 on: Today at 06:04:04 AM 
Started by Lani - Last post by Phyl
    The Raptor Resource Project

From Amy's blog...

Oh poop shoot! What is bird poop and how do birds poop?
 April 17, 2024  RaptorResource

 on: Today at 06:02:35 AM 
Started by Phyl - Last post by Phyl
Nature 365:


 on: Today at 06:01:41 AM 
Started by Lani - Last post by Phyl
Nature 365:


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