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 on: Today at 01:08:25 PM 
Started by STLbf - Last post by STLbf
Raccoons are heavy and messy work.  DNF opened in up just a little for the youngsters, then flew to the creek.  Shortly after, DN13 followed and is discovering water and all the creek has to offer.  Thanks to the cam ops for such wonderful views, and so close-up.

 on: Today at 01:06:52 PM 
Started by mrsfalcon - Last post by shep
June 17, 2021
I went to the link I had - no cam
First thing I see on new link is a juvie eating ON TOP of the nestbox


 on: Today at 12:41:55 PM 
Started by MpMom - Last post by Phyliz
Thanks for this capture. Dina looks great.
Hope she's having fun and will survive to become the lovely bald eagle she was meant to be.
What a success story she will be for this struggling nest.
Sauces family  :-* :-* :-*

 on: Today at 12:40:12 PM 
Started by PinkEagle - Last post by Phyliz
Sauces Bald Eagle Cam, Channel islands, California

Dina has officially fledged. And, spend her days exploring her world returning periodically to the nest. Doesn't seem that her Ps are around...much anyway.
Mp says  that she always checks   because Dr Sharpe will try to find her. And that she caught {sight} her only a couple of times.
Sure wish she and Toyon would become 'buddies'.

Personally, I hope she's having fun and will survive to become the lovely bald eagle she was meant to be.
What a success story she will be for this struggling nest.

 on: Today at 12:34:52 PM 
Started by PinkEagle - Last post by Phyliz
Good Morning...

Blue Cats-Rina Zeniuk

Thanks for the nests updated, photos and miscellaney.  I hope Iris can find peace and stability.

Lori  pastires look yummie today.
Lani  How's the head?  (((Shannon))) my heart goes out to you all.
Clynn  send your rain down here. We almost never get tired of it.  I hate hose watering and truly need to do this. Just luv the laundry chain reaction...that's me.
Pink I 've made no dietary changes save for pineapple and other foods contain bromaline. It destroys the platelets too. And, I love pineapple.  I've never taken asprin as it destroys the stomach. Tylenol is bad for ITP if dosage exceeds the lable max. I 'm not big on drugs 'cuz of the side effects. It's a viscious circle in that another drug is needed for the side effects of that drug and this drug for the one combatting the one combatting the side effects of the first and   so it goes. ....geez!
My main complaint is pain I have it everywhere...mostly in cervical spine...it shoots right up my spine into my brain and seems to explode there. I  take two Tylenol in AM only and just live with it.
I like to give credit where it's due. So I'm gonna get all spiritual...when I was first diagnosed w/ITP the news hit me very, very hard because of something Jim's ex-wife said to my mother 10+ yrs ago. Helen told mom that she hoped I died from this. So when  I told my mom about the ITP she broke down and cried  so... for that strong, strong woman , who am I exactly like, to do this was unsettling. I had to pry the truth out of her.  In an effor tto make this short...while showering one AM I just started crying,  finished my shower and still crying. I wrapped up in a towel , our bedroom/bath is 'ensuite', walked in there and flopped on the floor .had a damn good cry because Helen's word frighten the H out of me too. Got a grip and told, not asked, God that He was gonna have to help me out with this one....i accepted my illness and would suffer it as He dictates.  And, I know that  He never, never puts upon us more than we can bear by His design of us as human individuals. But I just wasn't sure I had enough of the stuff He gave me from my very creation.   He has been there every step of the way...made our meager savings after Helen got most of it last even when it was all gone cover the tens of thousands of dollars in costs...a fall down the stairs... fall from sllip on a side walk in garage...countless nose bleeds and cuts that took 3o mins of pressure to stop their bleed. Bruisese that somtimes took years to heal only to leave 'scars'  that stain my skin to this day...three major surgeries and transfusions that were gobbled up by own body while laying there  in the OR...seemingly thousands of finger sticks and veni punctures to get blood samples for CBCs every week  before Nplate injections that went on for years and dozens of Promacta pills at 3am so I could go back to bed and sleep off the shitty side effects and get up at 2PM to start my 'day'.  God is great and ...He brought this disobedient child,  here, where I am in this illness today.

 on: Today at 12:29:49 PM 
Started by shep - Last post by shep
Otter visits loon nest
This is nice

 on: Today at 12:18:38 PM 
Started by STLbf - Last post by jaspurr
This female eagle certainly is efficient at killing mothers and their offspring.  Looks like an. adult and a young raccoon. 

 on: Today at 12:00:59 PM 
Started by Nora in IA - Last post by PeepSpy
June is for Strawberries!  :D



 on: Today at 11:41:52 AM 
Started by STLbf - Last post by jaspurr
I wish mom would bring that raccoon to one of the other trees close enough for D14 to see. that she has food  Maybe he would be encouraged to leave the nest and follow her.  I am beginning to agree that he is too comfortable being fed at the nest and that he has no reason to leave.

 on: Today at 11:37:49 AM 
Started by PinkEagle - Last post by karengramke
Lisa, I has steamed shrimp for dinner last night too!   Had a sedge salad with it!  Lol

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