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 on: Today at 01:59:38 AM 
Started by LBLNJ0668 - Last post by baziunc
Paulie, prayers of course! They need to request monoclonal antibody treatment for her right away. It can only be given within the first 10 days of the onset of symptoms, and can help covid from getting worse. It can only be given within those first 10 days, so doctors say to request it right away. It’s only for people who haven’t gotten sick enough to be hospitalized yet, and to help prevent the illness from escalating to the point of needing hospitalization. It’s now much more widely available.

 on: Today at 01:36:07 AM 
Started by PinkEagle - Last post by baziunc
I’m catching up on several days of posts…

(((Bunny!)))  I’m in love.  :-* :-* :-* Wish I weren’t limited to virtual hugs for sweet Bunny. I’m allergic in a really big way to Bunny, so I have to keep my distance. Oh pooh.

Sasquatch! Funny, BL.

I had a bad bout of shingles. Before there was the vaccine for it. Steroids and topical lidocaine patches, and an oral pain med I don’t recall now.  I stayed flatout in bed for many days till I somehow got myself upright to work. Went straight from being in bed full-time to sitting at a desk, without any intermediate steps, like getting to be able to spend an hour here or there on a sofa in front of the TV, or sitting at a dining table to eat. It was rugged. My doctor said I had the worst case he had ever seen. The other doctor in that practice, and a med student doing a rotation there at the time, also came in the exam room to get a look-see. Not what you want to be known for. LOL. Thankfully, I fully recovered over a long time, left only with permanent, but now very faded, scars. Some unlucky people suffer with long term neuralgia pain. It sounds like some improved treatments now for that.

E4E, I hope Kris gets relief. I really feel for him. Hate he had the added frustration of the kerflooey zoom meeting. That must’ve been very taxing to deal with while having so much pain.

Clynn, that Bella! She makes me laugh.  :D :-* So cute! My niece and her husband are going to spend a week at a beach about 3 hours drive from me, so I am going to spend a few days with them. My sister will be there, too. I’m stoked. So I finally get to meet my littlest greatniece, and her new baby brother in person! Can’t wait. I shopped till I dropped today for things for them. Wish I could’ve bought the whole baby and little kids department. I put a hurting on my pocketbook though. What’re ya gonna do?  LOL.

Lisa, I’ve never driven your bridge, but I used to drive the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel when I was managing a project that had a team there. It always had heavy traffic, so I had a tight grip on the wheel. I used to drive through the Eisenhower Tunnel on I-70 in Colorado, when I was checking on team progress there on that same project. That’s a dual bore tunnel through the Continental Divide in the Rockies. It’s the longest tunnel, and the highest elevation tunnel in our interstate highway system, at over 11,000 feet in elevation, and one of the highest elevation tunnels in the world. It was a white-knuckler to drive in some icy, wintry weather. I’ve driven through the Bankhead Tunnel a number of times. That’s the tunnel to downtown Mobile that goes underneath Mobile River. It was built by pre-assembling the tubes that were then transported to location and sunk 40 feet below the shipping channel to Mobile Bay. The tube sections were concreted together to form a seal. Don’t even want to think about that. LOL. Of course there are lots of tunnels through the mountains of NC and VA that I’ve been through so many times ever since I was a little kid, but they were never long enough for us as kids. We would stick our heads out the back seat windows to “whoooooo” as long and loud as we could, to hear the sound bounce off those tunnels’ walls and magnify. A fun kids game on those drives. That’s a memory from the Wayback Machine that lurks in the recesses. LOL.

Lani, I loved hearing “What’s in the Basket.”  :) SED.

G’night. Peace.

 on: Today at 12:49:50 AM 
Started by PinkEagle - Last post by Lani
Phyl, very interesting story about the bird, especially its drag feathers.

Kb, glad you and Ollie went walking with Vi. How is she doing?

Clynn, Thank you for the information on the albatross, I had no idea their first flight lasted so long. Having a GPS on Tiaki will father valuable information.

Tsk, I wondered the same thing about Albatross, do they eat on the fly? Poor Tiaki, I wonder if she knows what's in store.

Lori, darling cards for Eagles4  ;D

Tig, goodness, I didn't realize you changed rooms everyday?  I'll go for the smores and a cup of hot cocoa!  ;D

Oldguy, Christmas lights in September!  ;D. .... frightening lava flows.. thanks for links.

Eagles, A busy day for you, Kris and Star.... I pray this procedure will help Kris.  :) ... Happy birthday and God Bless.  :-*

SED Baz  :)

Good night!

Good night Dear Beakers, Cheers Family, and Friends, Peace be with you tonight and always,

Sweet Eagle Dreams, Lori, Baz, ssrl, Firetruck, Jilltosa, Pink, Jaspurr, Tsk, Eagles4, Lisa, Maxie, Masswatch, Clynn, RubyRed246, Ezee, Blschue, DeborahG, Oldguy, Karen, Lindy, Paulie, MpMom and Pete, BL and Pip, Godiva, Kb, laniebelle, OnEagleWings, Keystone, WW JW, Tig, NWarg, Garmohoff, Nrstooge, WendyC3, Tigeag, T40, Ginger, TX_Ninja, eburg, Cwellsla, Indy, Nanimal, Julie, Paulie, Bggolden, Nora, Rewrap4u, Eaglesrock, Marrymo, Puff, Smb, Naimoj, Teamcarnes, Weasel, Seabeeinch, Walton, Sparky, Wilson, Tulsaducati, EagleDave, Xullah, Omasawyer, izzysamlikeseagles, bustopbird, Neva, Yank, Linda.L, smrf, nhJane, Cando.
Thinking of and missing, Godiva, MpMom and Pete, Thyla/Anne, D7Birder, Indy, Neva, EagleDave, Maryanne, TxTeacher, Smb, Alice, Chippy, and those who have not been with us for a while.

Prayers For Lisa's family, Peep's friend's family, Eagle's Kris, Pink's Kenzie, Lori's grandma Helen, Kb's BIL, Tsk's BIL, Clynn's DIL's mom, Ed's friend Greg, Baz sister, Lisa's brother, Tsk's friend, Tig and Camper, Clynn's friend Kay, Eagles4's son, Puff's brother, Masswatch hubby Jamey, Pip's Dad, Mrs. Oldguy, Pink's Morgan, Ezee, EagleFanDave, Tim's Uncle, Paulie's granddaughter Madison, Emy and family, Clynn's mom and Ed,  Lori's grandmother, Tim, Tim's son and grandson, Baz's great niece, WW JW, Keystone, ssrl, Jilltosa, Eaglesrock cousin Michael, Thyla/Anne, Neva's family, Weasel and family, and All here in need of healing and comforting.

Special Prayers For Blschue and Bill, Lori and family, Phyl and Jim, Phyl's BIL Danny and brother Dan.

Special prayers for All God's creature great and small, For our service dogs in Afghanistan, For Little One and all those like her, Iris, Eagles's Star, The Fairy Penguins, Berry Mom, Dewey, GSB Michelle, Juliet and Romeo, Maggie, Black Bear Ted, Alaska Bears and Wolves that they be saved, Decorah, E2/D1, Dr Rogers and Black bears Shadow and family and Wildlife Research Institute, and All God's creatures great and small.

 on: Yesterday at 11:53:51 PM 
Started by PinkEagle - Last post by baziunc

 on: Yesterday at 11:36:15 PM 
Started by PinkEagle - Last post by Eagles4evr1116
Wow! more birthday wishes!!  Thank you so much Jilltosa, Jaspurr, Karen, Lori.  I Thank EVERYONE for all the happy birthday wishes and all the wonderful gifs and everything!!!!  Each one of you made my day EXTRA special.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Some of you are curious about the procedure the doctor will do on my hubby this Tuesday.  They are going to give him an IV and we are not sure exactly how many shots he will receive, but it will be a steroid.  We know the nerve that is giving him the worst trouble is called the Trigeninal (not sure if I spelled it correctly). The whole process is going to take 2-3 hrs. For some reason the 'zoom' wouldn't let Kris & the Doctor see each other. So Kris had to really try to describe in words everything he needed to say.  We wish he could have just pointed to areas on his head, face & eye, but unfortunately it wouldn't work right. And it wasn't that Kris was doing anything wrong, as he knows how to Zoom.  He has done many zoom meetings.
The Doctor said this won't be a permanent fix, but it will be a way to help get that nerve under control and give Kris some relief.  Its likely he will need to have the procedure or similar later on down the road.  The Doctor cannot say that Kris will ever feel the same as he used to prior to getting Shingles. He may always have pain to some degree the rest of his life.

I did have a wonderful day.  Star got her allergy shot (although they were extremely busy and it took them 45 minutes to come and get her out of my car and take her in). I know a lot of you have to do the same as I do;  you drive up and park, then you call them and let them know you are out in the parking lot and when they are ready, they come out and get your pet. Everyone waits in their car for their pet to be brought back out.
Hubby took me to a nice restaurant for lunch.  We had a 1:00 reservation.  He had a wedge salad with Salmon added on the side, and I had a Cobb salad. We had bread & butter on the table and a glass of wine.  It was all so good!

Everyone have a good night  :)

 on: Yesterday at 11:31:30 PM 
Started by PinkEagle - Last post by oldguy
Good Evening Beakers

Had a decent day today - was a little warm - 86 - but not very humid, did not get any rain.

Today was the first day Christmas build at the store - Christmas lights should be completed by Monday.

A few videos to share - enjoy  ;) ;D

For Caturday...
Funny Cat & Kitten Fails Compilation!   -   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suldy5OVqr8

Meet My Baby Cat ChuChu (ENG SUB)   -   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dN5tDK3G7SA

Maru checks only once!   -   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezMLdn2D1gg

The latest from Iceland...
SOS! I'm running away! RUNNING LAVA FLOW! 17.09.21   -   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHQAxqJc7m0
LAVA FIREBALLS!! 🔥 Lava run into Nátthagi on 17.09.21   -   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTnhpTAUNDo

A bit of music...
Jeff Lynne, Dhani Harrison and Joe Walsh - Something   -   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKOoDBm4YR0

Home Free - Bless The Broken Road   -   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wGB7SXThFQ

Quarantine Kids play "Mr. Jones"   -   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9m2HF1Txck

 on: Yesterday at 10:50:27 PM 
Started by LBLNJ0668 - Last post by paulie
Okay. I've been MIA two days I think. My oldest granddaughter Madison (14) wasn't feeling good a few days ago. She even texted me early one morning something wasn't right .. she didn't feel good. She and I are extremely close. I helped raise her since birth. Her dad/my son knew also of course. We each kept in close contact.

She experienced what she described "horrible chllls and aches" among other symptoms sore throat, terrible headache and couldn't even turn over in bed she hurt so much and painful. You know what I'm getting to. I got an OTC covid test for her. Negative. A day goes by and she's not better. Due to circumstances with my son's health and similar symptoms (he's had both vac shots already) he asked me to take her to doctor. Yes of course!! She and I wore masks and used hand sanitizer a lot. I'm fully vaccinated since last March.
A RVP (respiratory virus panel) a more intensive swab test that covers covid, known variants and numerous other viruses was done on her. It came back positive for covid. She and her sister who just turned 12 were to receive their vaccine shots a couple days after she got sick. So close to being vaccinated!! Both my oldest granddaughter and my son have very compromised immune systems. My middle 12 yr old granddaughter is okay so far.

Due to Maddie testing positive they each have to quarantine for 10 days as well as me and my husband too (also vaccinated) due to me having had close contact with her. I will say this, I do not regret taking her to Dr appointment and I will do it again if needed. I absolutely will!!

I'm very worried for each of them. I have my cell phone on high to hear any calls or texts day/night. Any prayers or thoughts for her and them are very appreciated.

Take care and do your very best to stay safe and healthy.

 on: Yesterday at 10:04:23 PM 
Started by LBLNJ0668 - Last post by paulie
Ground hogs look sooo squishy!!!! Take more photos please!!!! Oh the mallards I love ducks too!!! I have a few photos of ones with their butt in the air whn they go under water.  I'll have to dig it up and post.  Are ground hogs considered a type of rodent.  My neighbor keeps telling me how the squirrels are rats too which I know . so how come we likw squirrls but not rats???   To me squirrels have personailty, rats don't .  I think it's a stigma. Just some things I have been thinking about.   I eill walk to see if the bait is there tomorrow (hopefully not raining)  I bet it's not there.  LOL
Oh my gosh LB! I just came to my laptop to shut down and thought I'd look into Cheers. You literally have me ROFL! You're on a roll! LOL I've never thought of groundhogs as quishy! Lol And you like Mallards and have photos with butts in air in water! Lol Okay you dig up and post them.  ;D

I haven't a clue if ground hogs are considered rodents. Good question though.
What?! Squirrels are rodents? Haven't a clue there either. Maybe your neighbor doesn't like squirrels. Lol True squirrels have personality definitely. Rats? Ummm No thank you! Yuck!

Enjoy your walk tomorrow. Think about me while walking. LOL

I hope you sleep good tonight. You definitely have me laughing. We'll see what tomorrow brings.  :) ;)

Here's an article about Groundhogs.  The 3rd paragraph answers LBL's question. :)

Waving at everyone here in Cheers!
Hi Glo, It's good to see you. Interesting groundhog article. Son of a gun rodents in the squirrel family. Didn't know that. I read entire article. Interesting. Thanks for posting.

 on: Yesterday at 09:55:56 PM 
Started by LBLNJ0668 - Last post by paulie
Paulie here is one of the photos of the duck, while I remember
Hi LB, Thanks for remembering to post photo. I agree that is cute. Gotta love nature. We Cheerios definitely love nature and our beloved pets. I know you understand jicaji's loss too. It's hard.


 on: Yesterday at 09:51:01 PM 
Started by LBLNJ0668 - Last post by paulie
Number 2 for me.

Sad week for me.  My old cat Jack went to the rainbow bridge to meet Willie.  Jack had a few health issues we've been taking care of, however the last two/three weeks he went into a big decline.  We took him to the vet for a checkup in July after Willie passed and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and elevated liver enzymes, for which we were given medication for him and an appetite enhancer.  He did OK for awhile, then basically stopped eating other than little bits here and there and was showing signs of blindness and became so weak.  Little did I know back in July that in September I would lose Jack as well.  In all our 52 years of married life, give or take a year or two, we always had a cat.  I am lost without my boys.  16 years with them was a blessing.  The cats were so close to each other.....ate together slept together, played together.  I'm thinking a "broken heart" could have played a part as well.  Thank God for my Rizzo.
Oh jicaji! I am so very sorry about Jack! I just now read this. I/we understand your very sad empty .. honestly hard to describe .. feeling of loss that you have. I wish I could say words to help your sadness. I remember you loosing Willie. I will say (and you already know) that you did your very very best to help Jack .. and he knows that too. Through you sorrow I know that you know your Willie and Jack are together once again. Your description tells how very close they were to each other. 16 years was a long time and yes you were blessed to have them each. I could go on but you already know and understand what I'm trying to say to help. Words and understanding they are now in a better place .. due to their health issues .. you already know but it doesn't help the loss and emptiness you're feeling. I'm sending you love and a caring hug.

I agree with you about a broken heart. Same thing happened with my cats. I had 3. Maybe this story will help. I had all 3 a long time too. When the first crossed rainbow (Pepper Doodle) bridge it was difficult but my other two cats had each other and became closer. When the second one crossed a few years later (Pumpkin .. Pumpkin Doodle Man) the third(Mittens aka Tank because she was so large) stopped eating and was very depressed. I tried everything to help. Mittens/Tank crossed over two weeks later. Broken Heart for sure. 

I realize this story and other words cannot help or alleviate your sadness and feeling of loss that words cannot describe. Just please know that you are in my thoughts. (((jicaji))) :-*

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