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 on: Today at 07:49:33 AM 
Started by Lani - Last post by Puff
tsk Last word I got ala Ton was that Buono was still family owned and operated.  Joe and wife have 3 middle-aged boys who were in charge of operations.  There are/were plans to sign into a franchise arrangement, still maintaining ownership of name and operations.  Of course that was at least a year ago per Ton.

Portillo's went the other way - Kids didn't want to continue so he sold name/business to a corporate group (?).  Dick started cutting back about 10  years ago.  He also had a couple fine dining fish restaurants, KeyWester, one in Naples, FL, and one in Naperville, Route 59.  Naper closed and finally was razed about 3 or 4 years ago.  Great selections, good food?!  Not sure about FL.

Trying to straighten out in old mind - one guy started on Taylor/Canal, one started in Villa Park.

Looks like my paper is going to get soaked.  Usually here by 6 am.  And. . . now it's getting ready to pour.



 on: Today at 06:57:13 AM 
Started by Lani - Last post by tsk34

TIG  Ouch start to your vacay.  ???

PUFF   Who owns the Buono Beef near me? in Rosemont or DesPlaines?  Never done with yardwork  LOL  Did some major weeding yesterday.  Found 3 monarch eggs altho Tim only has seen the monarchs  ::)  Am not sure these early ones are viable tho.  We shall see.  Kind of early.

PHYL  Cyprus ?  I only know cyprus as a tree?  Such different coloring when the bluebirds are babies  ;) ;)

CLYNN  Bright yellow Sunday  :)  - dark gloomy day. LOL  What wonderful gifts from the kids.  Yes Talon did a great job on the eagle.
For all the work the Army corps of engineers did I hope they got the results they wanted from the geological survey  :o :o

 on: Today at 06:37:43 AM 
Started by calhound - Last post by calhound
hi you guys its  raining here but i saw earlier huge winds did lots of damage just little down from me and turned and headed farther on down! sorry for those people no power shoed state trooper showing streets signs blowing away so thank you for making that turn i tell you sick of this weather showed texas getting slammed again with tornados

hi joho todays is our friend marges birthday i went to tv cam and i did see two babies and all is okay there no big wind


 on: Today at 06:27:58 AM 
Started by calhound - Last post by calhound

 on: Today at 06:20:01 AM 
Started by Lani - Last post by clynndunn
Good Morning Beakers!

Lani, cute videos you posted, that sweet dog and cat hugging each other, and how a mouse must feel when the cat is out there! Hope you and Mike and the furries are doing well! Mike is home this week right?  Gorgeous lions!

Phyl, the kids stopped by yesterday to bring me my birthday present, they told me it wasn't ready on my birthday. They each made me a gift at a place called Glazed Expressions. It's a place where you can paint ceramic items and have them glazed. They were both so proud of their work, especially Talon! He painted the eagle, Bella painted the gnome. My, the baby bluebirds have grown! This is the second batch, right?  And it's fledge watch already? Jim is a trooper, for sure. I hope he is taking lots of breaks!  Ed works for half an hour and takes a 2 hour break!  ::) ::)

tsk, yay on getting the cactus re-potted! Mom has a couple of large ones, I transplanted one of them when I was home in April. She has kept them going for years (and years!)! strawberry and rhubarb goes well together, Mom always makes jam. Yum!

baz, great pictures of all the little ones, Punkin' is looking good and Lil Bro is a cutie! They all look so happy!

Lisa, I wouldn't mess with Phillipina either! She doesn't look very happy!

karen, you're doing so good since you've been home! And you passed your driving test!  Watch out everyone!  LOLOL!

Niagara Falls without water, 1969
For six months in 1969 North Americas most iconic waterfall was purposely “de-watered”.
This was done by the US army corps of engineers, because they wanted to conduct a geological survey of the falls’ rock face.
They were concerned that it was becoming too destabilized from erosion.
In order to do this the army had to built a 600ft (182 m) dam across the Niagara River.
This dam consisted of 27,800 tons of rock.
In November 1969 in front of 2,650 spectators, the temporary dam was dynamited, restoring the flow of water.

 on: Today at 06:19:44 AM 
Started by calhound - Last post by calhound
Bear Awareness Week - UPDATE May 25, 2024

Cupcake, Twinkle and Snowball

It’s the last day of Bear Awareness Week, and I can’t think of better words than what I saw online: “Be aware of what a sad, lonely and boring world it would be without the presence of these magnificent, powerful, Polar bear near Churchill
Polar bear near Churchill
beautiful, and intelligent fellow beings. Give them space. Show them respect. Strive to coexist. We can learn a lot from bears.”

But for us who read this, it is hard to come up with a day that is not bear awareness day. The best thing I could think of to do for this day is post pictures of good memories of our North American bears. The polar bear picture is a memory of a day near Churchill back in late October 1982 when this bear showed me polar bears are not what I’d thought. Mom and cub with open mouths
Mom and cub
It approached, saw that I was a human, lost interest, and looked off beyond. It’s the good memory picture that is on the front of the Bear Center.

The brown bear picture of the mother and cub was taken as light was waning at about 10:45 PM in Katmai National Park. The mother ended her foraging and spent quality time with her cub. Seeing their interactions was a fond memory and for the people in my group that we still remember back some 25 years ago.

These pictures of Snowball and her two male siblings are my favorites of this day. It’s the first time I’ve seen them on their own. They came to the right place. In the one picture, they were nice to all look at the camera.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

 on: Today at 06:12:28 AM 
Started by Lani - Last post by Phyl
Cane Ridge Bluebirds, Cane Ridge, Tennessee May 2024

5-18-24   2:29 PM
 Second clutch     of 2024 nesting season   "Welcome to the world!"

CR #69 at 12 O'clock, CR# 70(1 O'clock)  then CR# 71and CR#72looking up and the camera.

 on: Today at 06:11:34 AM 
Started by Lani - Last post by Phyl
Cane Ridge Bluebirds, Cane Ridge, Tennessee May 2024
 2nd clutch May 2024

5-25-24. 11:05 am---CR #69 at 12 O'clock, CR# 70(1 O'clock) then CR# 71and CR#72looking up and the camera.
Near fledgling time. No more photos will be taken. We're on fledge alert!

In comparison:

 on: Today at 06:07:50 AM 
Started by Phyl - Last post by Phyl
Nature 365:


 on: Today at 06:02:15 AM 
Started by Lani - Last post by Phyl
Good Morning Everyone ! 
Sunday blessings.

Currently: 69F mostly cloudy;  High  88F rain showered  Low 69F

Yesterday Jim got up early-ish, drove to Wendys' for breakfast, returned and planted the four Cyprus I bought to replace the azaleas  that weren't working
out on that side of the garage. That sure looks so much nicer. The two that did remain I transferred to the back  on the left-hand side of the landscaping
surrounding the deck. Then he did some more trimming at the end of the front porch.  Just some light weeding left . 

   Lani sweet, well fed lioness and cub.

   Prayers for: The Beakroom and Cheers.; Our friend and ally the Nation of Israel and peace for her people.  Greenfield, IA;Laken Riley, all those like her and family .
 'Little Gray' and 'Little One' ...All abandoned, abused , lost cats ... stray, unloved, homeless stray and feral cats;
The Bluebirds of Cane Ridge, Tennessee, Hummingbirds, Bumble Bees  and Honey bees everywhere .

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