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 on: Yesterday at 10:39:23 PM 
Started by gardengirl1 - Last post by T40cfr403
We tracked this falcon and what it did shocked scientists


 on: Yesterday at 09:00:23 PM 
Started by Puff - Last post by T40cfr403
From RRP's FB page:

9-25-22 Day Trip
Story and photos by Robin Brumm

It had been about a month since I went to Decorah and I have been eager to get back over there to see if I could find both Mom & DM2, and the new pair of Hatchery Eagles.  Since Sunday was supposed to be cool, but sunny, I decided to head over early so I left at dark o’clock.  Thank goodness dark o’clock isn’t as early as it used to be!

I got to Decorah and of course my car automatically had to drive through the hatchery first, so I checked out N1 and the bluffs to see if the new Hatchery pair was there.  They weren’t at N1, but I grabbed my binoculars and scanned the bluff.  I did see at least one of them in a dead tree. The tree where they often perch on the bluff, is off to the right and above where Mom and DM2 used to perch.  I find it interesting that I have not seen them perch in any of the places that Mom and DM2 typically would perch.  It was still too dark to get a decent picture, so I decided to head over to the N3 area.

I got to the nest area, parked the car, grabbed my stuff and headed down the trail.  On the way down the trail, I may have muttered a few, “please be there, please be there” under my breath, lol.  I got down to the N3 area and scanned all the preferred perch spots.  Wait.. there is an eagle on the top of a broken branch!  I looked through my binoculars but it was facing the other direction!  Finally it looked to the side. Hmmm, was that Mom or DM2?  Well, I didn’t have to decide because just then, another eagle flew in and perched on the top of a different branch next to it.  I took some pictures and zoomed in on my camera.  Both of them, Yay! DM2 was there first on the higher branch, and Mom flew into the lower branch. After looking at my pictures and comparing them to some older photos, I believe they were both perched on what used to be branches of the N3 tree.

They perched there for quite a while.  Eventually  DM2 flew off and circled around the area. I thought he was going to land on a thin branch but he flew slightly above it, grabbed the branch and flew into a group of trees.  About a minute later he came flying back, grabbed another branch and flew into the same group of trees. He did that one more time, and finally flew off behind the trees. There was a big tree in front of the group of trees he flew into, so I couldn’t see a nest, or see exactly where he went.  He came back quickly each time, so wherever he was putting those branches it was not very far from where N3 was located.  Meanwhile, Mom was intently watching DM2 carry branches around… or maybe I should say she was supervising!  😉  She stayed for about an hour before she flew off in the same direction that DM2 flew.  I waited a bit but nobirdy showed up, so I decided to go back to the hatchery. 

As I drove up to the corner by the hatchery, I looked toward the N1 tree and saw both of the new hatchery eagles perched in the spot we would often see them perching at night when the camera was broadcasting. So I pulled around the corner and walked over to the bridge to get some photos.  I still have problems ID’ing the new pair, especially when there is only one of them. This time they were both there, so I could see the size difference.  I’m pretty sure that HM (hatchery mom) was on the left, and HD (hatchery dad) was on the right.   They stayed for a while and then flew off.  It was a breezy, beautiful day for soaring, and they both quickly circled up into the thermals and disappeared over the trees. 

As I was driving home, I wondered about Mom and DM2.  It looked like he was bringing in branches for a new nest, and I wonder, if he really is starting a new nest, will I be able to see it once the leaves fall off the trees. As long as they are happy doing what eagles do, I’ll be happy for them… Here’s to a successful 2023 nesting season for them! ❤

RRP appreciates Robin's generosity in sharing her photos and reminds you they are copyrighted and may not be downloaded without her express written permission.

 on: Yesterday at 08:52:52 PM 
Started by Lani - Last post by Lani

Oldguy, We're watching Ryan Live. Mike's younger brother lives on Sarasota, home is on gulf coast. It was built two years ago to withstand 150 miles hour winds. He/SIL moved into a rental 5 miles away. Also, Mike's older brother lives in Naples, home on the coast. He/SIL are safe with her family near Georgia. Ryan says there's a big possibility the storm will just go across Florida into Atlantic. Prayers for all and God's many critters big and small.  :'(

 on: Yesterday at 08:01:51 PM 
Started by Lani - Last post by jaspurr
LANI, thank you for the link to Royal Albatross cam.  Have put that site back on my computer.  The noisy red gulls were harassing QT just before she left.  I wonder where she is.  It was fun following Tiaki last year. 

I have been watching Ryan also.  The feeder band that is feeding those tornados is really nasty.  Huge power explosions.

TSK, I am going to have to read back to find out what happened to Lucy.  I am so sorry to hear that she is ill.

OLDGUY, wish I had been smarter about iCloud before my keyboard crashed.   I think my download file is gone.  The pictures from Decorah are what I will miss most.  I wanted to clean my computer files before the keyboard stopped working but this is not the way I had planned to do it.  Got my bank back on line today so I can pay bills on the first.  That was a big worry solved.


 on: Yesterday at 07:39:19 PM 
Started by Lani - Last post by oldguy
Good Evening Beakers

Ryan Hall has been live since 3:30 this afternoon - there has been many tornadoes reported in the Ft. Lauderdale  area and the area north of Naples
Tonights latest track projection has Ian making landfall at North Port area...
Ryan just posted a satellite view of Ian - the cold front has stretch the clouds from Ian to Newfoundland

On the Muru video - I think that the sand is going to be covered with patio blocks...

Here is the seal video from Walter Saniti
SEALS Using Ocean Waves To Push Their Bodies Onto The Island   -   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hc_V3KxjQyc
Tomorrow will be a video on Whales...

 on: Yesterday at 06:19:27 PM 
Started by calhound - Last post by neva

  Moose ... 27:27     95°  (3:45 pm)   It's sunny and windy.  No rain expected... hmmm ... I didn't think so.

Hi you two.  I hope your day is going as you'd hoped it would.

Joho, you're right, Sweets is an impressive and handsome fellow.  I've seem his picture and in a couple of videos that Cal had posted.

Cal,  That dog in the dog shame is going to be Harlow when she grows up, I think... very funny.  This morning she went out in the back yard with my daughter and didn't want to come back in, and Michelle had to carry her in.  I think we should get her measured for a saddle soon.

The quote you posted about why the Russians can't win is a very good and very true one.  Thanks.

 on: Yesterday at 06:17:47 PM 
Started by Lani - Last post by tsk34
KB   What a fun play date.  I'm friskier in the 60's too  LOLOL  Smart not to react at all in road/car situations IMHO... :o

Tim got his flu shot - Said he feels as bad as when he got his booster.  Now he's wondering if the guy made a mistake  ::) ::)  My flu shot is Friday.

Took Lucy out of the recliner this afternoon and said " missy - you've got to get moving  LOL"  I put her on the porch on her observation table for some stimulation and opened the window - One quick look - no dice but the couch was bathed in sun so she compromised and slept there  LOLOL  Altho I googled antibiotics and fatigue in cats they said it isn't that common but does happen.  That has got to be it. We'll be done with those on Friday AM.  So far no vomit...

PEEPS   We need to pray for so many people - many whom we know who will be impacted by this huge storm.  Saw the long freeway lines

 on: Yesterday at 06:15:05 PM 
Started by Lani - Last post by PeepSpy
My coworker, Karen, who moved to Florida, is evacuating. She could lose her mobile home. She is right on the coastline in Sarasota.  :(

 on: Yesterday at 05:50:55 PM 
Started by Puff - Last post by T40cfr403
:) :)

D27's fondness for the forest makes me wonder if she's nest shopping. Hmmm... ::)

T40 - Did you see how close D27 was on 8/28/22 to her natal nest....0.23 miles away!  :D

Lisa - Sure did! ;) And from my limited knowledge of eagle tracking, I believe whenever you see an eagle's "shield" ID on RRP's maps, it is an actual ping, meaning that's where the eagle really was when the ping happened.

 on: Yesterday at 05:44:32 PM 
Started by Lani - Last post by kbshcb
I just got the answer to my earlier question this morning about the asteroid hit.

It will take a couple of months to know if the experiment is a success defined by moving the larger asteroid off it's course....

Okay then.

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