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This book by Sherri Elliott will feature complete daily events and milestones, including her Whatta Day summaries.

Thank You Amy!   :o  Screee, Screee, Screee!   And, thanks to all the Eagle-holics who kept asking for my "Whatta Day" summaries on the RRP Facebook page.  I am so pleased to announce that my book, "The EEeee's & Me", will be published soon, and proceeds will benefit Raptor Resource Project.

Taken from the pages of my daily journal, it's the love story we had with our EEeee's, and follows the 2011 season beginning with first nestorations by Mom and Dad through final fledge.  It will be softcover, journal size and filled with every milestone moment in pictures and daily narration.  Whatta Adventure!!

Thank You David!  I was so very thrilled and humbled by the hundreds of comments from fans who enjoyed the nightly "Whatta Days",  and I hope that all beak geeks will enjoy this whimsical look at our EEeee's as we put our life on hold and sat nestside for nearly 8 months!  Did we ever think it was possible to love this feathered family so much?? 

And rightbackatcha dear friend for your moving tribute videos that I continue to replay, even though they make my eyes leak!   :-*

OME!!!! When I first saw the title in the subject line I new it had to be something you were doing!!!  I am soooo excited!!! As soon as I read that you are doing a journal like book on your whatta days! I was grinning from eat to ear.  I am so excited!! I always talked about your summaries of the days to my family and friends.  Now I get to share them with everyone!!!

 Congratulations on doing this.

 It will be a big hit!!!!!  Are you going to continue doing this for 2012?? I so hope so!!

Oh my!  I'm going to have to buy a new set of bookshelves just for all my new Decorah Eagle books!!


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