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Our Babies at the Rainbow Bridge

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Here is a place to post the pictures of your babies now living at the Rainbow Bridge.

Please post your pictures and write a little about them-
Terri Pike has created a beautifully animated "Flash" version of the Rainbow Bridge story


                            Shezam~Magoo ~ Mutzy~Brandy ~Spartacus

                                    Loki~Pandora~Vickie~~Our Dogs

                                   Peso ~ Bijou~Lovey~~ Our Birds

                            We love you all and miss you very much.

My Precious Sadie, passed away at the age of 15, 4/13/10.

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This is Brook who was part of our family for sixteen wonderful years.  She crossed over the Rainbow Bridge two years ago and we miss her immensely.  We will never forgot you  :-*

Your mommy,daddy and Ryan, Sean & Kristin

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As the holidays approach we think of everyone who is here and those who are not. We think of the empty chairs at the table and the empty spaces on the floor. There is a party going on at the Rainbow Bridge. All will be in attendance at the party that begins tonight at sundown and continues through New Year's Eve. So remember them with a smile-that's how they want us to be.


--- Quote from: jicaji1 on April 11, 2012, 12:57:39 PM ---Love this thread.

My brother's dog of 16 years just passed and i've sent them these beautiful sites posted here.

Thanks Carewolf for starting this thread.  It is beautiful!!

--- End quote ---
You're so welcome. Please post a picture of his dog here. We would love to see him.


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