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Decorah Eagle Coffee Table Book: The Decorah Bald Eagles

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This book will be available is available on It is a coffee table book by four Decorah Eagle fans: Char Fleming, Cynthia Hansen, Darlene Miller, and Sherri Elliott. The book has over 430 photos, including screenshots and photographs, and is printed on matte-finish paper.

Amy Ries

I just ordered!!!

I know the book financially benefits RRP; however, does anyone know if the purchase technically qualifies as an IRS "tax-deductible" contribution to a non-profit? ??? [just want to know if I should save receipt, ha!]

I will check on the deductability of the book purchase and post about it.


I emailed the link to the book to both my son and my daughter this morning, hinting (rather loudly) that it would make a wonderful Christmas gift for their mother.  But, if they have other ideas I'll have no problem purchasing this book for myself.  Can't wait to see it!


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