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Children's Eagle Book: Three Little Eagles and How They Grew

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Mary Jo Thorsheim has written a cute children's eagle book: "THREE LITTLE EAGLES AND HOW THEY GREW: JACOB'S STORY". She is now donating 100% of proceeds in 2012 after contributing the same percentage to RRP beginning in 2011 until the summer of 2012. The close relationship of the RRP and Fish Hatchery organizations is reflected in Bob Anderson's suggestion that all proceeds now go to the non-profit Friends of the Fish Hatchery. It is well-known that the eagle family lives just across the road from the Iowa DNR's Decorah Fish Hatchery, and both the eagles and their human visitors make many trips to the Fish Hatchery: the eagles to get fish, and the visitors to observe the eagles.

For more information or to order the book, please visit her website:

Please discuss the book and talk with the author in this thread.


Good morning, everybody! I have posted some information under the general merchandising thread, and a big thank you to all those who have contacted me with orders or with questions. The feedback has been so positive and it is much appreciated. Please take a look at the info on the other thread, when you have a moment. I know it is a busy Saturday morning for us as we watch all the nest alterations! How interesting! Excuse, me I have to get back to the nest now.

Mary Jo Thorsheim

Nora in IA:
This is exciting, mine are ordered!  That's great you've been "meeting" people from all over Mary Jo, it was fun talking to you this morning!  Nora

Thank you, Nora!  I enjoyed it too. You gave me a lot of new information, so that was also appreciated.

Mary Jo

Nora in IA:
They came!  Good job Mary Jo, very informative and kids and adults both will like it.  Thanx so much!!  Nora


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