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After the Fledge 2022

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  Hiya folks!  The link to register for dorm rooms is here!  Many thanks to Luther College and Jeff L. for setting this up!  Here's the link:

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have!  I'll certainly help if I can!

Can't wait to see you all in Decorah!

Here is a bit of parallel trivia for those going on the Sunday riverboat ride. The boat is docked at the former site of the La Crosse Fish Hatchery. The brick building was the hatchery headquarters. It now is being renovated for use as a wedding event venue and AirB&B. The rest of the hatchery grounds, tucked behind the building, now constitute the Riverside International Friendship Gardens. It is a worthwhile stroll.

La  Crosse Hatchery article

Gardens website

Restaurant changes in the past couple of years, off the top of my head.

McCafferty Dolce Vita has become Twin Springs Supper Club. It has been reviewed as the best restaurant in the state.

Ruby's Cafe downtown has become Blazing Star, a vegan restaurant. Ruby's traditional Ronnie's [cinnamon] rolls might be found at HyVee. (Ronnie's was a great cafe decades ago.) Ruby's liver and onions is extinct, sorry. Maybe Blazing Star has a vegan liver substitute?

Convergence Ciderworks is a cider microbrewery downtown with a short yet enticing menu.

Leslys Taco Trunk (she likes elephants) is a Mexican food trailer. She usually parks in the big lot behind McDonalds, across the highway from Culvers, Thursday-Saturday. A bit pricey, but excellent and large portions.

The Albatross is a food truck, gourmet burgers and a couple other choices, usually at Dixies Biergarten near Luther, Thursday-Saturday.

Impact Coffee has moved to a big beautiful location on the main street, formerly JCPenney. All three walk-in coffee shops (Impact, Java John's,. Magpie) have been expanding their food choices.

More coffee: Mill Street Mocha is on Mill Street just off Short Street. Same neighborhood as Family Table and Culvers. Good pulled pork on ciabata. Another drive thru, name I forget, is under construction on Short Street, don't think it will be open. Starbucks is in HyVee.

Kozi Pie Shoppe is right in the middle of downtown. Pies, quiches,  breakfast, lunch. They tend to sell out of stuff, so go early.

The Landing, near Luther next to Pulpit Rock Brewery, is a nice venue with a few vendors including coffee, ice  cream from the Sugar Bowl downtown,  sandwiches, a juicery owned by local NFL star Josey Jewell, and prepackaged snacks and beverages.

301 Eatery with a variety of sandwiches and baked goods, and Beyond the Bar Bakery,  both are downtown and have had stuff that looks tempting, but we have rarely found them open.

High Wide and Handsome had great pizza but odd hours and the worst branding ever. They now are closed.

Lulu and BB's downtown has yummy healthy pet treats and tons of toys and gadgets for your fur babies.

If you stop at Culvers with your dog (anywhere, not only Decorah), ask for a free pupcup.

Reply with what I forgot, or your other food recommendations. Welcome and  bon apetit.

Annual warning about wild parsnip, which is abundant all around Decorah. It causes painful blisters and scarring that lasts for years.

description and photos here

Also in Decorah during AtF.


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