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After the Fledge 2022

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Hiya everybody!

I'll be posting info here about our upcoming After the Fledge celebration, July 14-17 at the Decorah Fish Hatchery!
Registration will be $25, dinner $25,(pay at the meet and greet, or find Amy or Izzy there) with some small extra charges for the bike ride, canoe/kayak trip, and  Sunday riverboat cruise.  We will have a more complete schedule and more details soon, but here's the basic itinerary:

Thursday-meet and greet 4pm-7pm.  Please join us under the tent for pizza, fruit and Bob's favorite cookies.  There will be merchandise available, and you can spend some time meeting with mods, other chatters, and old and new friends!

Friday-kayak/canoe trip in the early AM
         raptor demonstration in the afternoon at the hatchery
         possible tours to N3, the hatchery, etc

Saturday-Bike ride in the AM, presentations at Luther College, featuring our boy, Ambassador Decorah
                dinner under the tent at the hatchery

Sunday-cruise the Mississippi at Lock and Dam #7 on a beautiful riverboat!

more activities TBA

Lodging:  Contact our dear Puff if you are looking for a motel room, but we DO have the Luther Dormitories available.  A link will be provided soon for dorm room registration-cost will be around $53, more details to come.

Y'all, I am just so excited!!! I can't wait to see each and every one of you!!! 8)

More soon,


Thank you, Izzy!

Will be looking forward to more info. 

Sounds like it will be another fun ATF!!

More info on the canoe/kayak trip on the Upper Iowa River:
Friday morning, July 15:  We will be going to the Upper Iowa Resort, which is a little over 35 miles from the Decorah hatchery (our previous outfitter has closed). Here's the address of the resort: 578 Lonnings Dr, Dorchester, IA 52140.  Plan on meeting at the hatchery at 9 am to get car-pool groups together.  We'll need to leave the hatchery by 10 am at the latest, to to the resort with plenty of time to get boats, paddles, and PFD's for everyone in time to leave for the float at 11 am.  Kayaks available are one-person boats, canoes are 2-person boats. Canoe rentals are $38, kayak rentals are $28, and each participant will pay the resort for your boat. Paddles & PFD's plus the shuttle to and from the put-in and take-out are all included. The float should take about 2 hours from put-in to take-out, and then factor in the travel time back to the hatchery after. We're still working out the details so if you have questions etc. post a reply here, or email me at [email protected] (aka tulsaducati)

Thanks Tulsa!

Here is the link for registration:

Getting more excited by the day!

Information on the Trout Run Trail Bike Ride:

The bike ride takes place Saturday, July 16.  We'll meet at Decorah Bicycles at 9AM CT.  Located at 101 College Drive, Decorah, IA 52101, right next door to the Whippy Dip. :)  Phone number: 563-382-8209. This year, only Electric-pedal assist bikes are available for renting. We'll get fitted for bikes, helmets, and will be given a tutorial on how to ride the E-bike if you haven't ridden one.  We'll be riding the easier half of the trail which is from the bike shop to the hatchery and back.  It's about 4.0 miles each way.  We'll take a break at the hatchery before heading back. Water will be provided.  Here's the link to Decorah Bicycles: There are 2 larger hills that we'll encounter so the E-bike pedal assist should come in handy.  It's a beautiful ride and we go past N2B too!  For those that want to do the entire trail, it's an 11-mile loop around the city. We'll be riding numbers #0-4 and end up where the Eagle is on the map. :)

I found an older video of a virtual bike ride on Trout Run Trail.  What's cool is one our 2011 juveniles is in the video.  There is a bug photobomb too. lol

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me here in the forum or on my Glogdog Decorah FB page.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at After The Fledge!     


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