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April 25, 2022
She still had 4 eggs at noon
4 pm she had 5

Nora in IA:

May 18, 2022
Eggs are mottled, hard to tell if a pip yet
This pair is so interesting

Inside CAM

Outside cam

May 20, 2022
They are a nice pair
He keeps checking on her, vocalizing
Exchanges are frequent
I do think there is a pip or two

May 21, 2022
2.15 pm  a shell appeared, Dad came in,
she had to leave and Dad saw his young.   :-*
A lil wet chicklet!

4.30 pm  Male has been in several times with a bloody rat, offers it. nope. takes it out again.  :D
I see another shell - hatch #2

Dad returns with snack. This time she takes it and feeds BOTH screaming hatchlings.

They are a nice pair. He is sooo attentive!
He keeps checking on her, vocalizing
Exchanges are frequent.
I wonder if this is the same pair as last year.
Behavior is a little different.

They are sooo pretty


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