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Spartan Stadium, Michigan State U

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Fledged 3 in 2022
June 15, 2022
At dawn Stella the leftover was flapping on the outer perch.
First I've seen her off the box
6 am she flies up to the box roof
Then she tries to get down from box roof and falls cam right just outside box
6.30 am I see 2 juvies run on the roof with prey
Have not seen 3 at once since Sprite fell

MSU's chicks have flown the coop, 'eh Shep?  Not completely.  About 10AM today, one of them came back to the box for a rest and maybe a feeding.  If you can zoom, you might be able to read the band numbers.

I check in morning, no one
I dont watch all day

THANK YOU for teh pic   :D


Farah =  P31
Beth, bcaw img

Shep, thanks for posting the pic of Stella, aka P31.  Another of the banded ones joined her, on the box roof, just for a moment.


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