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Spartan Stadium, Michigan State U

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May 31, 2022
They appear to be banded
top black
bottom blue
Dont know when tho

Spartan Stadium, Lansing MI
1 boy
2 girls

Banded on May 31. One male black over blue C/83 and
2 females with P over 3-something. (Could be 33 and 34 or 31 ans 32)

Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) along with Michigan State University  banded the 3 baby Peregrine falcons on top of Spartan Stadium.

The bracelets will help track the falcons as they grow up and the data will be used for research into the species.
 mom and dad weren’t too happy about it all, but can now rest easy. The two females and one male were placed back into their nest shortly after being banded.

Awesome to see the peregrine chicks banded on May 31 at MSU Spartan Stadium nest box.  Pics captured from the News video.  Thanks for posting the notice, Shep!

Is there a live cam for the MSU location? Link?

bcaw posted the info
I brot it over here
this is the LIVE cam

Shep, thanks for the link to MSU Stadium cam


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