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I was just catching up on this thread and had to laugh at Shep's comment about the birds turning the cam off. I wonder about that myself sometimes!  ;)


Nora in IA:
That was looking comfy tonight............

Nora in IA:
Look at the size difference!  AMY a couple big girls and a boy???

Keeping cool...

Fledged 3 in 2022
Dont know date banded, found info on bcaw

black/ blue
 50 U
 49 U

--- Quote from: Tsusan --- Watching Red Wing-
mom just finished a good feed, no complaints from the kids.
The biggest chick is quite brown, just a little down.
Next chick is also large, with some brown and a few fluffy areas of down.
The small one is about half brown, half Downey.
The biggest one is vigorously practicing her wingercising
--- End quote ---

January, 2023


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