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BOSWELL Minnesota Power Clay 2022

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Boswell cam 1

Boswell cam 2

image off bcaw
bcaw calls Boswell - COHASSET - very confusing

April 7, 2022
Dawn she is laying inside right under the cam, so we cant see if she has eggs - but I suspect she does.

( I deleted a post, was 2021 )   :-[

Nora in IA:
"bcaw calls Boswell - COHASSET - very confusing"  I've actually had trouble remembering to call it Boswell, called it Cohasset for years.

Nice long bonding
April 7, 2022

thanks Nora, but I wish they'd update their record

Nora in IA:
This evening, they must have made up.  Mom had spent a lot of time in there and when I went back to find it I couldn't, but she was starting to eat a bird and dad zipped in, grabbed it, and left.  She looked down and it was gone.


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