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2022 Great Spirit Bluff Falcons

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Eagles are hunting open water areas today (no pics, but see rewind) while ice-fishing is going on by people! From about noon to 3:00, good panning and closeups of wildlife in the area between the nest box camera and the highway.  Watch coyote, deer, and a sub-adult BE.  Thanks to the cam ops for the pics.

Early morning, just after sunrise, there's a raptor, possibly a hawk, perched on a cedar branch.  Never got a really good look, so I'm unsure what species.

Then mid-afternoon, some good looks at an adult BE perched in a very branchy tree between the bluff and the highway, toward the dam if watching from the nest box.

My guess was a hawk too, perhaps a young one

Oh boy! There's a peregrine visiting the GSB area, perching in brushy trees from about 1:00 this afternoon, and still there at 1:30 PM.  No idea which bird or where from, but beautiful.

January 22, 2022
Returning already?
The pair in Racine Wisconsin are already mating
Seems MUCH too early


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