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At year's end, here's some good news to share.  Amazon Smile sent this note via my email today.

"This is the quarterly notification to inform you that AmazonSmile has made a charitable donation to the charity you’ve selected, Raptor Resource Project, in the amount of $905.07 as a result of qualifying purchases made by you and other customers who have selected this charity. "

And more than $16,000 of total donations from Amazon's program to RRP.

Eagle-wise, rewind to 10:30AM or so for eagles soaring low over the open water.

Happy New Year to Everybirdie who loves RRP and the birds

Rewind to 11:00 this morning to watch eagles on the ice and hunting the open water.  Just in case you are tired of football!


Snowy Owls on the Flyway
January 7, 2022  RRP cam  ops call this a snowy owl .......
Watchers were thrilled to see two snowy owls on the Flyway yesterday, even if the owl interaction wasn’t friendly. What are snowy owls doing here and why did we see two of them so far from their home? Snowy Owls are nomadic and irruptive migrants and can appear almost anywhere, often in surprising abundance. But we think that their irruptive behavior is driven by a combination of food availability and an unusually successful nesting year.

I am going to go with more survival of young this season!
Snowys have actually been seen in - FLORIDA!   Probly born in New York ahahaha 

We see owls and hawks and eagles and coyotes on the flyway cam

Jan 8 there he is again!

Thanks for that report Shep. I hate that I missed seeing it on camera yesterday. Very interesting. I remember seeing one years ago on a roof in the Chicago suburbs. Beautiful birds

Slightly warmer at GSB today. BEs have been clustered around an open water hole all morning. Waiting for fish or ducks to become available. 


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