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Author Topic: Beak Room 2022  (Read 807346 times)


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Re: Beak Room 2022
« Reply #9045 on: June 23, 2022, 05:20:44 PM »

Good Evening Beakers Oh it turned out Soo nice today..it started out humid but cooled off and sprinkled.
 I actually have windows open and fans on..Feels so good! We went to Wings last night, had fun. Work was good.

LISA Your Texas BBQ Smokehouse Pork Loin sounded wonderful! I love a good Loin  :) Your pictures of Female in the morning sunrise was so beautiful! The male too! OH yum your Quiche looked amazing! I beg it tasted wonderful! Aww poor Bandit and the storm yesterday.
PEEP Love seeing all the babies..Loons, Terns.. Aww Presley is adorable! The Gentle swans with Cygnets are sweet :) the Razorbill watching the sunrise was awesome! SO sad about Katy and Momoa  :'(0
LANI Brooks Fall Brown Bear cam looks exciting..Oh a NM trip tomorrow with Sadie for Mikes new plant.. Road trip!
TIG Sounds like you are staying busy!
TSK Oh my. Car trouble so close to repair shop,
ery handy! Hope all is well now? What did you get for plants?
KB The California Condor article is sad and wish things had been known earlier.. Ollie and the moths..lol Yay! Glad that Glen brought over the generator! Nice to know its there Im sure, glad its on wheels.
BL Glad you and Pip are home?
E4E Oh wow 95 for you yesterday! So glad it coed down..I know Im loving it here cooler :)
BAZI  :)
LILBRO A new washer for Jani, 15 years was a long run!
CLYNNWow! Brooks and Molate such cute names for those Juvies..Aww Techy kidsand how they eat lunch..So cute! Great She shed! NRs Christmas Tree napkins are adorable!  :)
OLDGUY Good Vids!!
LORI and KAREN sending love!

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Re: Beak Room 2022
« Reply #9046 on: June 23, 2022, 05:39:38 PM »

Love how people in IA wave to each other when the drive past.  Even the owls wave.  LOL PINK

I am feeling the same as Reggae.  Watching Millie on her egg has worn me out.



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Re: Beak Room 2022
« Reply #9047 on: June 23, 2022, 06:21:22 PM »

Kb - Glad to hear that Glen got your generator all fixed up. 

Oldguy - Glad you got an email about ATF registration.  I see the link was also posted in the zdecorah eagles thread today.  Thanks for the videos. 

Peep - Great pics from TRR!

Pink - Thanks for the kind words on the Decorah pics.  Wings night with friends…fun! 

I hope everything is ok with Phyl.  I don’t think she has been in today.

Have a good night, everyone  :)


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Re: Beak Room 2022
« Reply #9048 on: June 23, 2022, 06:47:28 PM »

TIG   Gotcha!

OLDGUY   I've been getting the senior flu shots for 2-3 yrs now.  The pharmacist doesn't even give me a choice.   Maru is so funny in that raincoat.      Wipe-Out  ;D        Stupid dogs  ;D ;D ;D

KB    Harriet sure took her sweet ole time - How many day's.?  I think Thomas D. hung an evicted sign on the nest today or yesterday  LOLOL

PEEPS   Cute waving pic  ;D

PINK   Hard to tell what the plantings are but I'll post them when I get a decent picture.  In 3 years that space will look perfect  LOL   So funny - the owl waving hi  LOL


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Re: Beak Room 2022
« Reply #9049 on: June 23, 2022, 09:40:37 PM »

Hi Beaker friends - I found out this afternoon that my Vet's office for my Star has lost their Lease and going out of business.  :o ??? ::) :-\  I was so sad, but after getting a grip on my feelings, I knew I had to get her set up at another office.  Especially because Star has allergies and gets a shot every 3 months or so.  So I have her set up for her first appt on July 15th with a new vet office.

Jaspurr - Did you hear about the lady and her 2 dogs getting struck by lightening yesterday in the San Gabriel Mts?  They all died.  So very sad. 

Hi Tig and T40!  :)

Baz, Tsk - Hey a question about Mercurochrome, Iodine Tincture, etc.  Can you tell me what ever happened to those disappearing?  I remember my Grandma having that in her medicine cabinet!  Please do tell me what happened.

Lani - How many hours does it take to drive from Farmington, NM to your home in AZ?  So sweet and a tribute (on your avatar)  to Dot who was murdered during 'hunting' season.

LisaG -Wish I could taste that lovely quiche! :P Yummy!

Peep - So sorry about the passing of Katy and Momoa.  :'(

Tsk - I think Lilbro was going to drive 90 miles to buy a new washer, but let's see what he says!   :)

Lilbro - Did you go buy a Washer?

Clynn - Love the beautiful pic of the BE in Decorah!  Darling pics of the Munchkins!  Love Nr's napkins!!!

Kb - Cute that Ollie was on top of the Moths - wanted to get rid of them!

Pink - Sounds like you are trying to cool off and sounds like a yummy good night of wings last night!

Phyl -  How are things going with you guys?

Hi sweet Lori - How are you?   :-*



Hi Sweet Puff and Oldguy, Ezee, BL, Eburg  :-* :)

All Beakers have a wonderful evening  :)


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Re: Beak Room 2022
« Reply #9050 on: June 23, 2022, 10:25:03 PM »

Loons are bigger than I thought! A good armful! This one was just banded. ;) :)

Peep, so sad about the little sloths. Glad they had loving care from Leslie and others while they were there. Reggae looks great - hard floor there, so he better pay attention and hold on tight!  :-* That loon looks remarkably calm - being held in one hand, and doesn't appear to be agitated by being held.  So pretty.

Jaspurr, LOL re. forget the loon; who's the guy on the left?   ;D ;D  Do I see a familial look-alike in the guy on the right? Perhaps they are father/son? Hope your vase didn't break! You had quite the rock'n'roll'n'rattle! Glad your home didn't take a direct strik,e and no damage aside from the vase.  An Osprey aircraft flying below legal altitude shook my home (and my brains in my skull!) a few weeks ago... it sent me checking for anything falling off walls and shelves.  ??? >:( :o  No damage from it, but I had quite the conversation with the FAA QC guy at the fixed base... he returned my call verifying the aircraft type/track and altitude/time of day, and confirmed what I reported.  Yeah... I know!  Not sposda do that!! "They turned up from the river at the wrong point. Doing training." Tell me.  ::)

Lani, I hope you and Mike and Sadie have a great trip! I can't wait to hear how Sadie does. I hope she has a fun adventure with "Mom and Dad!"  :D

Clynn, LOL on the kids eating while at their screens. Another fun day at Grandma's house.  :D  Maybe you got to put your feet up and relax afterward with an adult beverage.  ;)  Yep, had to blow to get the antiseptic to dry and quit stinging.  Bactine stung, too! Lots of blowing.  ;) :D

Lisa, thanks for posting the picture of that yummy looking quiche you made! I agree with TSK - you make pretty food - it always looks ready for the professional food magazine photogs!

TSK, glad that is a repair under warranty! Hope you get your car back soon. Did the substitute plants turn out looking just as good as what you had originally planned?  Did the landscaping crew finish yeserday? Or maybe they will find a reason to come back - and get another plateful of your homemade cookies.  :D  Glad you will be getting some relief from the excessive heat - so stressful on the new plantings, and people and animals! I know your new landscaping is going to look great!

E4E, wow on your high temps! That's sooo unusual for you there, I know!  I just now saw your recent post as I was trying to post mine... Mercurochrome had mercury in it, so it isn't made anymore because of the extreme toxicity of that. Tincture of Iodine was mis-used by some people to create iodine crystals that were then converted into the manufacture of meth(amphetamine), an illegal drug, as you know. However, there is a weaker form of iodine tincture still available for sale retail in smaller amounts, and it is also still available in some form for treating water, and possibly still for medical setting antiseptic uses - I don't know for sure all the details about all that.

BL, is Kopje busy with all his new toys and treats from Chewy? I hope all passed muster with him!  :D

LilBro, y'all are getting a really nice new washing machine!  Yep, I'd drive that far to get it, too, instead of waiting ... but dang! wouldn't you know it would be when the gas prices are so dang high.

Oldguy, I will be interested to take a look at the seniors flu link you posted. I got the souped up seniors flu shot last year, so I will look and see if this one is the same or different.

TSK, you have the option of getting any version of the flu shot that is approved for your age group - standard, or high dose. You are not required to get the senior or high dose version, though I also have gotten the senior flu version in previous years, and chose to get the newer, stronger Fluzone High-Dose version last year.

Pink, glad you got a break from the heat, and can get some fresh air for a change... plus a fun wings night!

(((Karen))), any more episodes of getting tricked on the birdsongs coming from the ipad? ;)  LOL. That was funny!  :D  I hope you are feeling better each day. Hugs to you and TA:)

Waving to All the Beakers!  My motor is running down fast... heading to slumberland soon, so...

Goodnight Beakers. Peace. SED.

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Re: Beak Room 2022
« Reply #9051 on: June 23, 2022, 11:22:02 PM »

Good night! A friend in Tucson sent this, taken in Tucson last night. Monsoon season has started!

We're settled for the night in Farmington, NM. Mike's plant is near Four Corners.
Sadie was a nervous pup for the 5 hour driving trip. I sat in the back with her and kept rubbing her back  :-\.
She's finally asleep next to Mike on the bed. I brought her dog bed, and bed coverlets that she is use to sleeping on at home.
I hope everyone is well and had a good day. I'm tired and I'll check with you all in the morning. :)

Good night Dear Beakers, Cheers, Jewel Family, and Friends, Peace, good health and happiness be with you and those you love  tonight and always,

Sweet Eagle Dreams, Karen, Ezee, Lindy, Jaspurr, Pink, Paulie, Oldguy, Tsk, Puff, Lori, Blschue, Lilbro, Clynn, Eagles4, Lisa, Tig, Eburg, RubyRed246, Baz, ssrl, Firetruck, Weasel, Jilltosa, Maxie, Masswatch, Paulie, DeborahG, MpMom and Pete, BL and Pip, Godiva, Kb, laniebelle, OnEagleWings, Keystone, WW JW, NWarg, Garmohoff, Nrstooge, WendyC3, Tigeag, T40, Ginger, Cwellsla, Indy, Nanimal, Julie, Bggolden, Nora, Rewrap4u, Eaglesrock, Teamcarnes, Seabeeinch, Walton, Sparky, Wilson, Tulsaducati, EagleDave, Xullah, Omasawyer, izzysamlikeseagles, bustopbird, Neva, Yank, Linda.L, smrf, nhJane, Cando.
Thinking of and missing, Jilltosa, Godiva, MpMom and Pete, Marrymo, Smb, Naimoj, Thyla/Anne, D7Birder, Indy, Neva, EagleDave, Maryanne, TxTeacher, Smb, Alice, Chippy, and those who have not been with us for a while.

Prayers For  Pink's mother, Karen and TA, Phyl, Jim and Maggie, Maxie and Larry, Camper's daughter, Ed's sis Gina, Tsk's Barb & Tom, Baz great niece and family, Tyler and Family, Lori, Tim, Eagle's Kris and son, Lisa's family, Peep's friend's family, Lori's grandma Helen, Clynn's DIL's mom, Ed's friend Greg, Tsk's friend, Clynn's friend Kay, Puff's brother, Masswatch hubby Jamey, Pip's Dad, Ezee, EagleFanDave, Tim's Uncle, Paulie's granddaughter Madison, Emy and family, Clynn's mom and Ed,  Lori's grandmother, Tim, Tim's son and grandson, WW JW, Keystone, Jilltosa, Eaglesrock cousin Michael, Thyla/Anne, Neva's family, Weasel and family, and All here in need of healing and comforting.

Special Prayers For Karen and TA, Blschue and family, Puff, Ashley and Family, Eagle's Kris, Lori and family, Phyl and Jim, Phyl's BIL Danny and brother Dan.

Special prayers for All God's creature great and small, For Taffy Apple, GSB Hawklets, Maggie, Little One and all those like her, Iris, TRR rescue babies, Eagles's Star, The Fairy Penguins, Berry Mom,  Juliet and Romeo, Lucy and Larry, Black Bear Ted, Alaska Bears and Wolves that they be saved, Decorah, E2/D1, Dr Rogers and Black bears Shadow and family and Wildlife Research Institute, and All God's creatures great and small.

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Re: Beak Room 2022
« Reply #9052 on: June 24, 2022, 01:16:02 AM »

NM nights.

Sometimes you just know why you came this way.
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Re: Beak Room 2022
« Reply #9053 on: June 24, 2022, 06:04:06 AM »

Good Morning and Happy Friday !

Currently: 67  F   and sunny .  Forecast, H   94 F   and L  67 F  .

A lot to catch-up ...will hit some high spots.  So glad to hear everyone is doing well, even in this heat.
We've been in the low  to upper 90s and low 70s at night
Jim got to work Wednesday and the mgr. passed out $100 Publix gift cards.  :o  What a Godsend for us. He used it yesterday  with my list from the online Weekly Ad.  Since I don't do much with Walmart for household needs anymore because of the Publix BOGOs. The entire card plus $10 or ours was used yesterday   ;D
Publix deli advertised a Turkey/shrimp Po Boy...he brought it home for dinner and I added tomato basil soup on the side.  WE really enjoyed dinner. Who'd thought that the combination would be so tasty?

Good Morning {{Karen/TA.}} Hoping all going well for you and you're home soon. 

Hi Pink- cable came back  Monday night while we slept, evidently. But, I had plumbers out Tuesday who were 'pose to be here last Saturday pm. Sent a guy who didn't have an 'easy out' drain wrench. So got put off until Tuesday. Since I have light beige and white carpets (upstairs hall bath) Jim covered it up with a plastic drop cloth securing with blue painter's tape creating a path from front door, up stairs, across the hall into bath. We had a tub drain that had to be replaced. The cross bars inside the drain had deteriorated and were missing. Hence the 'easy out' wrench. Which, LOL, wasn't so easy to get out of the pipe.

Tsk- close call on Lucy. Relieved to know she got home and all is well. Pets to her from me.  I have pulled my muscles on my L. side ribs while using resistance bands.  It's  murder bending over on that side and taking deep breaths. I 'll see how I am in a few days before going to Doc's

Clynn-nice Ukarines all week. Munchkins look well and happy. All tuckered out, eh? But you love it.   Just luv that 'She shed' !  Thanks for an update on NR. She is always making something great!  Many thanks for the nests updates, too.

Eagles- thank you so much for asking and remembering us. Maggie is till sleeping underneath our bed. I've resigned to this fact. I miss seeing her curled up in a chair or in the pillows on our bed. But, it's what she wants, maybe for the present. Vet says to just wait and see. She's eating well, using her Catgenie litter appliance , drinking water. Gotten rather bossy with me on chow. But, I guess really old folks get that way. She loves those creamy  chicken/liver cat treats in a tube that I bought from Catit. Vet says not too often though. I keep then in the fridge. I am always surprized at the fact that cats love chilled or frozen foods. But, rationally thinking, if I had  to wear a fur coat in the summer,  I'd what something 'chilled' too.
  What an upheaval for Star and you with the vet. All those years with one doc and the rapport too.  :(  Hope the new vet works out for her and you.

Cute Snoopy and Wood stock 'Good Night'   Great news on the  Brooks Fall Brown Bear cam .Great photos too. Thank you for keeping us in the Beakroom prayer list.  :-*
Great sunset from Tucson.   So glad y'all are safe for the night and Sadie is doing fine. Pets to her from me.

Lisa, Your quiche  looks tasty.    I always use a quiche pan.  They'er different from a regular pie pan with the higher sides and crimped edges.   Where I once made my crust from scratch. I now use the Pillsbury ready crust.    Gosh! Haven't made one in eons.  Hummm?

-glad the new washer duo is working out. Now spear fishing is primative and exciting

Tig- like Tsk you are so busy with your gardens and yards. Thanks for the photo. Tsk, is a photo coming our way?

Oldguy-thanks for the vids yesterday.  Will view later. Descriptions make them sound like they're really funny. Have a good day at work

BL- nice NM photos. Tks.
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Re: Beak Room 2022
« Reply #9054 on: June 24, 2022, 06:04:22 AM »


We're at 11 days with above normal temps so far.  More temperate the next several days.  ;D

JASPURR   Nothing like a rip roaring thunderstorm.  They are scary when the house seems to shake or when the lightening and thunder occur at the same time  :o :o

EAGLES  You joined the rest of the Midwest yesterday with your 95 degrees  :o

TIG   Had to Google Bearberry and saw that it is a ground cover.  Never heard of it before.  Where do you put a plant like this?   Slow growing?

BAZI    Repair job under warranty   ;D ;D  Phew.  First time anything has gone wrong with my Acura RDX which will be 5 yrs old and almost 50,000 miles.

LANI   Thanks for Pixie's ancestry.  You are so good about keeping that data sheet.  I remember when Dot was killed.  :'(   What a nice adventure for You Mike and Sadie.  You haven't been away in forever!!  How long a trip is that for you?

LISA   Your final products always look like they came out of a magazine  ;D ;D

LILBRO    I may have misunderstood.  You don't have to go 90 miles to do a laundry for six weeks?  :o

PEEPS   How sad for TRR losing two in the same day.  Sloths sure run into a lot of trouble!

     No, 90 miles to get a new washer..

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Re: Beak Room 2022
« Reply #9055 on: June 24, 2022, 06:07:22 AM »

   Made it back from Spearfish by 4:30 pm.. new washer hooked up and running by 6...


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Re: Beak Room 2022
« Reply #9056 on: June 24, 2022, 06:36:56 AM »


EAGLES   Losing your vet is like losing your doctor of so many years.  Did you get a recommendation for your new vet?   So sorry that happened.   Wow about the lady and 2 dogs killed by lightening.  What were the odds... :o   Mercurochrome went the way of mercury thermometers. 
   Why is mercurochrome no longer used?
Furthermore, when mercurochrome was applied to the wound, it stained the skin red, making it more difficult to detect inflammation or infection. This ineffectiveness, combined with the fear of mercury toxicity from the mercurochrome being absorbed through the skin, resulted in the FDA ban.

BAZI   Quite an experience with the osprey incident.  I would never have thought to call about it.   The landscaping project was a 2 day affair and now we are watering the bejesus out of the sod esp with the heat.  " water until it feels squishy when you walk on it"  :o :o.    So now there is a newer version of the "senior" shot?    I will check on this.

LANI   Thanks for checking in and that you got there safely.  Poor little Sadie -hope you all slept well last night.

PHYL   There you are  :)   " Thank Bob It's Friday"  :)  Wish I had a Publix around here.  I would support them..  Thanks for the Maggie update.



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Re: Beak Room 2022
« Reply #9057 on: June 24, 2022, 06:50:31 AM »

phyl  My cable was acting stupid two days Tues/Wed.  Was working when first on, then nothing.  Called and found out they knew about things - not long waits, then it would be back on.  Started yesterday with nothing for a couple hours, but that was OK too, made me donate some time to yardwork.  Nothing so far today.

BTW I got my order of Bob the Cat.  Read a short review and thought it would be a pleasant break in all the garbage news and Sox losing, although there's always weeds.

When I retired ala teaching, my driving habits really changed.  Used to put at least 20,000 miles a year driving into and back from Chgo.  My cars had at least 100,000 miles; longest was 180,000 - brother took it to 260,000. Long story shortened, hot rod 13 years old, 44,000 miles total.  Work at home travel advisor saves me a lot of $$$$.  BUT I miss driving, especially pleasure trips and not in rush hour on the expressways.  I always have liked driving.  When Ton and I went somewhere, I did the driving, always.  Reasons why!  I'll put some miles, just a few though, getting over to ATF next month.  That's pleasant, real nice especially once you get thru Madison.  Two lane country roads from Dodgeville to Decorah.  On the way back home it's popcorn and corn-on-the-cob Iowa corn shopping.  Music blasting all the way.  Rock-n-Roll,  show music,  and oldies.  Never seemed to interrupt Ton's naps.

Unexplained/mentioned huge trail in the sky here yesterday.  White and fluffy.
 I'm going to do some searching and researching to see why it wasn't mentioned in Chgo by anyone.  Not a contrail - way too wide.  It also wasn't on any of the usual flight patterns for take-offs from ORD or MDW.  Zigged and zagged from Indiana direction  and way north past O'Hare.  Did you notice anything tsk?  Went past your location, too.


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Re: Beak Room 2022
« Reply #9058 on: June 24, 2022, 06:52:54 AM »

Morning eagle buddies!  :)


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Re: Beak Room 2022
« Reply #9059 on: June 24, 2022, 08:12:19 AM »

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