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High Bridge Xcel Energy Falcons 2022

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1 EGG or 2?
March 31, 2022
I think she has an egg but its hidden by box edge

4.30 pm I SEE one egg
If there is a 2nd egg hidden by the lip, she has 2 eggs
She just laid it - I watched
I DONT know for sure if thats #1 or 2

Its so precious how closely her mate stays by her.
This afternoon he perched on the side of the box as she labored

Nora in IA:
I can't find the cam..................  :(

Check tomorrow - Monday
its been down since Friday

Nora in IA:
It didn't say live on it...............maybe later or tomorrow.

Linda M:
Oops, sorry Nora.  I realized it was dated April 1 (appropriately enough!) and wasn't live.  Went to modify my post to the link and deleted it.


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