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Alley Cat

Alley Cat Allies (@alleycatallies) tweeted at 2:00 PM on Wed, Jan 07, 2015:
What is a feral cat?

This is very informative and helps dispel the misconceptions of cats. Please view. It's short and to the point...
One of the organizations I support and believe in.
Thank you!


Introducing, Mike and Maggie, two brown Tabbies.  Mike was adopted from Nashville Humane Association's no kill shelter in the fall of 2002, four months after we had lost our previous kitty of Siamese and bobcat mix. (yes, bobcat!)
Mike was one of a litter originally 8 kittens. That afternoon, I had browsed up and down the aisles of cages in their cat wing for an hour looking for that 'special' cat. About to give up, I took one last stroll and stopped dead in front of a cage of 6 remaining mewing kittens all crowed and scrunched in the front . All but one!  A solitary little kitten sitting silently in the very back...staring at me with those gentle amber eyes. Mine met his.  I asked the attendant about the history of this litter. She told me that a family had left them two weeks ago because they moving due to job relocation and could only take the Momcat; all kittens were weaned, healthy, spayed and neutered. And, the kitten that caught me eye was a male; the family were Christian as revealed by the names the children had given the kittens, all after dynamic Biblical people. Except one.  That solitary kitten in the back was named after the Archangel Michael, the Warrior angel. A name that would later serve him well.
He was given to me to take to the isolation room so we could 'get acquainted'. He immediately, crawled up my  and nestled against my cheek and purred himself to sleep!  Two weeks later after paperwork processed, we took Mike home. He grew to be a loveable, rascal of a sweetheart who loved to play chase. A wonderful 11 years that was cut short by cancer of the trachea. The last two years were spent in and out  of our vets with tests then a referral to Blue pear Veterinary Partners in Cool Springs, TN and Drs. Holste and Johnson more tests, accurate diagnosis of  pneumonia and a lobectomy, recovery. And no permanent  improvement more tests and heartbreaking news, cancer. It was a nodule at the carina (where trachea branches off into the bronchial tubes). Our vet at Blue Pearl consulted with her old prof at her old alma mater Illinois State University, College of Veterinary Medicine at Urbana and Dr. McKernahn for an ablation. That year we spent Mother's Day waiting in the hotel and then the waiting room during Mikes' procedure. It went perfectly and Mike recovered in two weeks and was his old self once more. But, as doctors told us the cancer would come back and with a 'vengence'. So it did and the last year was spent in chemotheraphy. But, after 8 mos. and cancer only progressing; his life had been spent with things being done to him. And, when I saw that 'look' in his eyes... We decided to just  let the disease run it's course and watch for the moment...
when a pet parent makes the most difficult decision there is to make, euthanization. They say, the greatest love is that of letting go; releasing that loved one to do what needs to be done for their sake. May 25 th of 2013. He is forever in my heart and thoughts... those we truly love never leave us.
         Maggie, is named after my late mother's dearest friend, Margaret. She came to us and Mike from our vet's  back in 2004. She was one of a litter of original 6  un-weaned kittens abandoned on the office doorstep at just 3 mos. The vet took them in, bottle fed them inoculated them and kept them in a cage just off the reception area. I met Maggie when I stopped in to pay Mike's bill; heard the mewing and got nosey. And, there, like deja vu, was a cage of 5 kittens crammed up front with one little lonely girl in the back. Silent and beguiling me with her emerald green eyes that said, " Take me...home, with you."  I asked for her and we cuddled on the sofa. Like Mike, she crawled up to my shoulder, nuzzled my cheek.  I called my husband, a corporate pilot who  had just landed in Boston. I told him about Maggie and he said ' Just this once."  After three months to gain more weight and strength and spaying, Maggie the Cat came home with me. After a rocky start, both she and Mike became pals .Many a night between 2 and 3:30 am they could be heard playing soccer with a tinkle ball.
           Maggie is settling into her inherited  position of Queen of the house and mistress of all she surveys while gazing out the windows on either floor. She has filled the position left vacant by Mike, most well indeed...this little  sweet with an attitude cat who can hold a conversation better than any human. My little 'girl' who never leaves my side.
           Inclosing, I've been a pet parent to cats for over 30 yrs. and this species, house kitty or lion, tiger or panther, never, never ceases to amaze me!

Phyliz... You talk about euthanization... I had that hard chore just yesterday.  Had to say goodbye to my Joy after spending almost 18 years with her.  What a heartbreaking thing to do, but she isn't suffering anymore...  Your Mike and Maggie are beautiful!

Hi ra!
This is such a difficult task. But, as they say, 'Greatest love is knowing when to let go.'
I am so very sorry for your loss.

Thanks, Phyl.


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