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Loons - several cams, nests

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Mousseaubay-looncam Live Stream
She had 2 eggs  2021 - didnt hatch

The penguin is the closest relative to the loon!

LPC Loon
New Hampshire

Cam 1

Loony news  :)

June 7, 2021
The Mousseaubay Minnesota loons eggs are at 40 days, so they expect this pair will re-nest with another clutch.  37 days is expected hatch

Tobin Island Loon Cam
Canada - north of Detroit
2 eggs

The loon pair gave up on these eggs
Mod thinks they will re-nest

LPC loons
The 2 eggs should hatch in the window of June 19-23'rd

Saturday, July 17th 2021 Each year, LPC hosts an annual Loon Census to monitor New Hampshire's loons and their progress on lakes throughout the state. The invaluable data gathered from census observations are used as: a mid-season check on productivity, a mechanism for discovering unknown birds in each territory, a means to track movement of loons and define relationships between neighboring pairs, and a community based tool for generating interest and involvement in loons.


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