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Abbotsford, British Columbia Quarry


Quarry mining near Peregrine falcon nest in British Columbia being documented by Christian Sasse.

Concerns escalate about rare peregrine falcons as blasting set for Abbotsford quarry -

Should rare peregrine falcon nest make way for re-opening of Abbotsford gravel quarry? -

Approval Granted to Destroy Falcon Nest Site -

Province gives go-ahead to Abbotsford quarry to destroy peregrine falcon nesting ledge -

Mountainside Quarries STOP work/blasting until the Peregrine Falcon Chicks leave the Nest! -

A pair of rare peregrine falcons have returned to their nesting site at an Abbotsford quarry, resulting in increased concerns from opponents about their safety. (PHOTO: #savebcfalcons Instagram page)

What a great story!
I am wondering if there is something endangering birds, eggs nationwide.
Glad they saved this brood!


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