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RRGC Wood Duck Project


Cam 1:

Cam 2:

Cam 3 (occupied by a screech owl, not a wood duck):

Cam 4:

"Live sreaming video from an in-box camera inside a wood duck nesting box located long the Yakima River near West Richland WA.  The RRGC maintains over 500 wood duck nesting boxes in the Tri-City area"

They're apparently the "Richland Rod And Gun Club", a hunting/fishing/conservation club.

Thank you for the links. But YouTube isnn't streaming any of these any longer.
Can you repost or something?

They take the streams offline after jump day (the day all the babies fledge) for each nest. Next year there will be another set of broods, and the cams will go back up (probably at different URLs). I'll post then if nobody else does it first.

Thank you for the info.
I'll watch for it.


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