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Seabirds of Seal Island, Maine 2021 -- with Project Puffin

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I am starting this thread in anticipation of the 2021 season with Project Puffin on Seal Island, Main. Project Puffin observes more than just Puffins! Some of the other popular seabirds seen on their cams include Razorbills, Guillemots, Arctic Terns, Common Terns, Common Murres, and Great Cormorants. :)

Followers are hoping for the addition of a Razorbill cam this year! And the return of our special Puffin pair, Willie and Millie. :)

A bit of Seal Island history:

Some bird Overviews from Cornell Labs

very cool Peep!  8)

About Puffin chicks called Pufflings

Some more information about the beautiful Razorbill. Aptly named for the edge of its hooked beak is very sharp!  :)


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