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Racine Wisc 2021

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cam link

Female M/48

Terka image and video off bcaw

March 3, 2021
I saw both, but too fast to get a snap.
Later I got this


Terka on bcaw got the shot I wanted

March 5, 2021
Our lil male tried so hard SO LONG to coax her inside.
She wouldnt budge.
Finally he flew out and they mated on cam.
I was too surprised to snap a pic!

from bcaw --
Female - M/48 a 2019 hatch from Indiana!
fed band 1947-40670
b/blu M/48
gender: F
m: 2206-84608
f: unbanded
band yr: 2019
banded: 05/23/2019
bander: jsc name: NIPSCO Power Plant Michigan City
county: La Porte
state: IN
type: Smokestack

March 6 dawn
They are too fast for me!
BOTH were INSIDE - twice today
This was the best I could do

Female - Aero  M 48
Male not named, Flash works - he's so fast!

Visiting female Jan 22
 Essity (b/blu) 48/Y  Essity Paper Mill in Menasha, Wisconsin in 2018

March 14 dawn
Daylight time doesnt bother Flash, he's here before IR clicks off! 
He assumes the tuna pose and calls Aero
Flash plucked a bird for Aero - and of course, I didnt see the exchange!
I did catch both


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