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March 1, 2021 LIVE
I saw a falcon enter!   :)
The male is banded, cute lil guy

* image bcaw Beth

you rock Shep!

March 2
I saw each one separately all day off n on
Finally about 4.30 pm he brought a big pigeon,
she followed - grabbed the prey

March 3
6 am  I caught them both   :)

2nd image March 4 early morning

Ky and Di
March 6, 2021
Diana with presumably her 2020 banded mate
If the male has no name I'll call him Ky - easy to remember.
Both spend time inside, both separately and together
They may be defending against a 3rd falcon
2 pm  the cute little male has done a lot of guard duty

RECAP of 2020
2020 was a sad year in Birdom
NONE of the 4 eggs hatched
Mar 18, 2020 cam went LIVE with 4 eggs
She could lay anytime

If my notes are incorrect, please let me know. Thanks.


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