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Great Spirit Bluff falcons, Mississippi River 2021

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Feb 16, 2021
We have Cliff cam back!
I wonder what happened with GHO
I saw one of the falcon species in my yard a week ago!
I have NEVER seen a falcon in real life.

Newman returned to Great Spirit Bluff February 18, 2020
So we can look for him now!

PICS and NOTES taken off explore

So happy to have this camera back on :)

Thanks for starting a new thread...was wondering what happened to the old one.

I'm so glad they turned the cam back on....I knew we were getting close to the time. 

The box doesn't look any different...I inquired about turning on the box cam. 

The ice fishers are out today, near the GSB dam. I forget which number dam this is. Are they fishing for walleye?

Couple of long distance views of coyotes, no pics, but about the same time as the ice fishers.

The nest box looks the same to me, too.

I believe this is Lock & Dam #7


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