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Happy 2021!


Happy 2021, everyone! I made the customary New Year changes to the forum today.

* The 2020 Decorah Eagles, Decorah North Eagles, and Lounge have been locked and moved to the archive, but the 2021 threads are ready for posting!
* Our 2020 Peregrine threads have been moved to the archive and replaced with their 2021 equivalents. I did not move any threads other than ours.
* Threads that hadn't been posted in for over a year were deleted, with a few exceptions.
* I renamed some threads to remove the date, which is a new change. So if you guys create a thread, either don't put a date in it, or give it a starting date: for example, "Dale Hollow Lake Bald Eagles, Corps of Engineers, Nashville, TN - Started 2017". I did this because I thought it was confusing to have a thread that started with an old date - say, "2018 Lake of the Ozarks Eagles" - that was still active and had newer information. I'm hoping to avoid multiple thread creation with this change.

* I moved the Rainbow Bridge pets thread to this Board. I'm hoping to make some changes that will prevent photos being posted in this thread from deletion, but we'll see how that goes.
* I moved the support thread to this boardPlease let me know if you have any questions and thank you for posting! Here's to another year!


Happy New Year 2021 to you, too, Amy!!   :)

Thank you for posting the info about the changes you made to Forum.  It's good to know about which threads are now archived, and the other changes you have made to threads that were moved and/or re-named.

Talons crossed for many successes at the nests, and with all of RRP's projects this year!

All best for now and in the coming year to you, and all the RRP staff and volunteers and followers.

~ baziunc

Thanks Amy,   Thank you for the cleanup and organization of the threads.  We appreciate all of your hard work!

Thank you, Amy.....appreciate all you do!

Amy - I'm curious to know why you deleted the wind farm and bird hazard threads from the Off Topic board?


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