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Big Bear Lake Bald Eagles

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Would Big Bear's bald eagles fly away if 50-home project wins county's OK?

Fawnskin resident Sandy Steers stands Thursday, Oct. 3, near land where a developer wants to build 50 houses with a private marina. The property is a popular spot for bald eagles to perch and forage and she worries about effects on the birds. (Photo by Will Lester, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin/SCNG)

I hope they stay if this happens  :'(  LOVE Jackie & Shadow  :-*

Big Bear Jackie & Shadow
2019-10-10 (10) by Lori Davis, on Flickr
Big Bear Eagles ~ Shadow & Jackie BUSY Morning! 6 More Sticks In Less Than An Hour! via ladyhawk

BIG BEAR notice Shadow has lost his sub-adult look :) All white now!
2019-10-11 (3) by Lori Davis, on Flickr
Jackie & Shadow
2019-10-11 (6) by Lori Davis, on Flickr
Big Bear Eagles ~ Jackie & Shadow EPIC STICKFEST!! 23 STICKS Delivered ~ Almost Tie Record! LADYHAWK

He is beautiful, Lori!


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