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Hi Pat!
Last year the eggs were laid then mom went missing. Dad tried to care for the eggs but had to get food. Then the ravens came in & took the eggs.  Here is some info written under the cam.
A live view of the Sauces Bald Eagle nest on Santa Cruz Island, California.The nest is active from February through July. Please visit the Channel Islands Live! Eagle CAM Discussion Forum for current and past happenings at all of our nests, as well as weekly updates from the biologists in the field. We have multiple cameras, so please click here for all our cams and chat combined.

2013 Breeding Season

February 24; First egg laid
February 27: Second egg laid
March 4: Female stopped coming to the nest
March 7: Ravens took the eggs
March 12: New female, A49, begins visiting nest with A40.

Very cool OEW!!! Hoping we have a busy nest ;)


 ;D I'm thinking the 1st pic isn't an eagle. Hmmmm



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