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2021 Red Wing Grain Falcons

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The Red Wing Grain falcons are nesting on top of the Red Wing Grain stackhouse in Red Wing, Minnesota, next to the Mississippi River. Feel free to talk about them! We especially appreciate band IDs (band colors are fine if that is all you can get), egg laying times and dates, hatch times and dates, prey observations, and screen caps. If the cam is available, you can watch the falcons on this page:

Nora in IA:
Apparently the cam isn't on yet....

Nora in IA:
It's on and we have a pair.  Let me know on these pictures.  I think I did this once before and hadn't shared the album.  I'm trying again.  Nice cam!!!!!

CAM --

Unbanded female....

She went and sat on the perch and the male came in.  His bands look like Black/Red.

Linda M:
All good now with the photos, Nora - thanks!

Nora in IA:
Thanks.  I think one other year I was having trouble and Amy asked if the album I was using for the image codes had been shared.  That did the trick again.  I forgot a started a new one.


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