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2021 Minnesota Power Clay Boswell Plant

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The Minnesota Power Clay Boswell falcons are nesting on a catwalk on the 200 foot level of Minnesota Power's Clay Boswell plant in Cohasset, Minnesota, next to the Mississippi River. Feel free to talk about them! We especially appreciate band IDs (band colors are fine if that is all you can get), egg laying times and dates, hatch times and dates, prey observations, and screen caps. If the cam is available, you can watch the falcons on this page:

Minnesota Power Cohasset-Boswell
March 7, 2021  Falcons have returned

2020 female was Striker D/51 - first egg April 24
Egg #1: 4/09/2020
Egg #2: 4/12/2020
Egg #3: 4/14/2020
Egg #4: 4/16/2020

Hatch #1: May 18, 2020
Hatch #2: May 19, 2020

We did not band here in 2020

Boswell 1

Boswell 2

March 22, 2021
Mrs Boswell has a green band

Nora in IA:
Nice to have both around.

March 27  SNOW!


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