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Happy New Year!!
Love to you All!!


Lori - loved the song list - may fav was John L. and Chuck B.

Here is a video from 2015 in Japan - reminds me of Kiss with a twist....

Wagakki Band - 焔 (Homura) + 暁ノ糸 (Akatsuki no Ito)   -

Today's Hawaii update...

Lava Lake Rising Again (Dec. 31, 2020)   -


Auld Lang Syne sung by Dougie MacLean (With Lyrics and English Translation)

Lisa, delicious goodies you've made for the last day of 2020

Jilltosa, you have good neighbors and your crackers must be delicious!  ;D ... thanks for update about Grafton.

Tig, delicious menu!

Tsk, Mass, Clynn Everyone has a delicious menu planned for tonight. We barbecued rib steaks, smashed potatoes, Caesar salad, Asparagus tips and a nice glass of champagne.

Puff Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!  ;D ... And what a cool thing the mods did.

Lori, Heartbreaking season for GSB  :'( ... it's cool to see the coyotes nestled below.... Thanks for the great music!  ;D

Lilbro, Gerbil is adorable, love her smiles and those precious new teeth! LOL! Thanks Lori!

Pink, Enjoy your night out!

Phyliz, love Maxine cartoon.... darling pics of Sauces Canyon Eagles.

Clynn, YAY! Samson and Gabriella!!! The Hamlet will sing with eaglet chatter again!  :-* Love your cartoons.

Thanks Ezee!

Oldguy, Loved finishing this year watching Walter Santi and his cats. I watched first and then second video followed. I'm so glad he was able to complete his dream of building a fenced in area for his outdoor cats... Also, we got to see Walter the dog in his new dog run! He was adorable playing on his new grassy area! Thank you for all the links and videos you have shared with us this past year. He's a lovely man who cares about cats and wants to keep them all safe.

{{{Hugs Karen and Taffy Apple}}} I don't blame the sweet baby. No fireworks in our area, because of the dry fall we've had.

Happy New Year Eagles, Peep and Beakers! :-*
Good night Dear Beakers, Cheers Family, and Friends, May everyday of the New Year be filled with Joy, good health, and fortune!

Sweet Eagle Dreams Ezee, Blschue, Emy, Karen, Lindy, Paulie, Masswatch, Clynn, Firetruck, Oldguy, Jilltosa, Lori, MpMom and Pete, Tsk, Eagles4, Lisa, Pink, BL and Pip, Godiva, Kb, laniebelle, OnEagleWings, Kelly Kadette, DeborahG, Keystone, WW JW, Tig, NWarg, Garmohoff, Nrstooge, WendyC3, Tigeag, Baz, ssrl, RubyRed246, T40, Ginger, TX_Ninja, eburg, Cwellsla, Indy, Patch Davis, Nanimal, Julie, Paulie, Bggolden, Nora, Rewrap4u, Eaglesrock, Blueberry, Marrymo, Puff, Smb, Nai, Gene in NE, Teamcarnes, Weasel, Seabeeinch, Walton, nickeybird, Sparky, Wilson, BHscents, Tulsaducati, Abbie, EagleDave, Xullah, Omasawyer, Myshatzi, izzysamlikeseagles, Keamama, missylj, bustopbird, Viola76, Corky, Frehaws, Neva, wrg, wnut, JJ, Barbells, Bosley, Shaggydog, ReadyToDance, Yank, Missmeech, Talkoh, Linda.L, Nonna, smrf, nhJane, Cando.
Thinking of and missing, Godiva, MpMom and Pete, Thyla/Anne, D7Birder, Norfolkmom, Myshatzi, Indy, Mayreee, Neva, Abbie, EagleDave, Maryanne, TxTeacher, NL, Smb, 7D, Alice, Chippy, and those who have not been with us for a while.

Prayers For Blschue, Bill and family, Lisa and family, Lilbro, Eagles4's son, Kb and Chris, Puff's brother, Masswatch hubby Jamey, Tig and Camper, Pip's Dad, Mrs. Oldguy, Pink's Morgan, Ezee, EagleFanDave, Tim's Uncle, Paulie's granddaughter Madison, Emy and family, Clynn's mom and Ed,  Lori's grandmother, Tim, Tim's son and grandson, Baz's great niece, WW JW, Keystone, ssrl, Jilltosa, Eaglesrock cousin Michael, Nickeybird's BIL, Godiva's friend Jane, Viola76's sister, Abbie, Chico's daughter, Josette, Thyla/Anne, Eaglette, Neva's family, Weasel and family, and All here in need of healing and comforting.

Special Prayers For Lori, her mother and family, Phyl and Jim, Phyl's BIL Danny and brother Dan, Chippy and Joe, KellyKadette and her cousin Roger, Nickeybird's BIL, 7DBirder.

Special prayers, For The Fairy Penguins, Berry Mom, Dewey, Riley, Star, Iris, GSB Michelle, Sauces Canyon Bald Eagles, Juliet and Romeo, Maggie, Black Bear Ted, Alaska Bears and Wolves that they be saved, Decorah, E2/D1, Dr Rogers Black bears Shadow and family and Wildlife Research Institute, and All God's creatures great and small.

Here is a video from German Girl in America...

7 things YOU NEED for a GERMAN NEW YEAR'S EVE!   -


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