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Some of the squirrels lead charmed lives, don't they?

Beautiful sunrise views from the cam ops today! Amazing colors in Iowa.  There's a large flock of crows feeding in the pasture and near the creek this morning. Maybe an insect hatching??

MrN and DNF visited the nest in the early light, then MrN came back around 8:00 to pose for us.  DNF spent an hour or more on a Love branch, and Mr N joined her for a while. 

It's a great day to be outdoors at the North's valley, and where I live in Missouri, too.  Yesterday, eeeeww, snow in mid-Michigan for the MSU football game.  Seems early for snow there.

Eagle pics from this morning.

Nice to see MrN and DNF perching together.

Monday morning, MrN and DNF perched together in the Scary tree (I think). MrN left and collected a large branch on the creek bank or pasture. After some hopping, jumping, wrangling, he got airborne and brought it to the nest. All about 7:30 AM on the rewind.  It's noon now, and nothing much in view since the early activity.

STL - I thought I commented the other day, but I see I was thinking it and didn't.  ;D 

Love those close-ups pics from the other day. 


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