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STL -- There were several intruders involved.  At about 10:48 DNF flew off the Ladder Branch and chased a subadult around the pasture. She eventually landed on the Love Tree and then the cam found a subadult perched on the Scary Tree. DNF stayed on the Love Tree for quite awhile, vocalizing. Eventually Mr. North arrived. The cam first showed him standing on the Scary Tree in the same spot where the subadult had been perched earlier. Mr. North was vocalizing. The cam then switched location and just as it zoomed out I saw that there were two subadults perched on a branch to his left and both immediately flew off.

Subadult perched on Scary Tree (pic from JanJ)

Pic of two subadults before they flew off (far left).

Ginger - Thanks for the info and pics of the SA's at DNN.  :D

STL - Beautiful pics of DNF & Mr. N

YW, Lisa.

I forgot to post this pic earlier.  When Mr. N. arrived at the nest at around 8:11 this morning he appeared to be searching the nest for something but I couldn't see anything.  Then our dear cam op showed us what it was.

Mr. N. on the nest and Lucky the squirrel below.

Ginger, thanks for the details of subadults that MrN and DNF were engaging with this morning.  The pic of MrN in the tree with the 2 sub-adults is a real winner.

Ginger.....Good thing Mr, N didn't see Lucky!  :o


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