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Hiya everybody! :)

If you are donating auction items, please send me an email to [email protected] Please be sure to include the following:

chat name
real name
contact information(email address, phone#, mailing address)
brief description of item(including approximate value-anything decorah eagle or RRP related will be listed as priceless)
a picture or two of the item(s)(small if possible)

Thank you all in advance, I think it is going to be a great auction this year!



Thanks so much, Izzy!

I emailed Amy last night & she already has the 50 items I'm donating posted on the site.  I sent you an email tonight with the additional information you need.

May the online auction this year be so successful for RRP & for the shoppers who can purchase Eagle related items from the safety of their home. 

Thank you so much TPABay111. RRP appreciates your donation, and so do I! 

Best always,

Izzy :D

Hi Izzy, I'm a little slow, but I sent you an email this morning with my donation item. Looking forward to the auction! Thanks you all you do!

Thank you EagleAngels, RRP appreciates it, and so do I!    :)



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