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2020 Xcel Energy Allen S. King Plant

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Nora in IA:
Great, I've noticed it was on, but never have timed it right.  Will pay more attention now. :)

February 18, 2020
7 am  How do you spell COLD!  Haha!
Look, she never touched that snow - musta flown straight inside!

Sherco got no snow!

Hi Nora!

February 26, 2020 
7.45 am  falcon perched on box edge   :D
She rooted around inside awhile, in no hurry

If my observations are correct

Racine male hangs around all day each day, enticed a female
Baltimore female hanging around more
King hanigng around, pecking around inside
Both male & a female seen at GSB

February 27, 2020 
8 am  First perched on the outside rail
next up on roof for awhile

February 28, 2020 
9 am  female BLACK band white letters on her left, silver band on right


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