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2020 Xcel Energy Allen S. King Plant

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August 3, 2020
I just emailed Amy to see if she banded Sherco and King this year.
If I get a reply I will post here

August 4, 2020

From Amy
RRP did not band at Sherco or King. Because of Covid-19, we were not allowed into any Xcel plants except Prairie Island.

Nora in IA:
Thanks Shep

I know our 2 Xcel are in Minneapolis, but thot Id post this anyway.
Very sad we know nothing of our falcons.

August 6 news MINNESOTA

Saint Paul Fire Dept (@StPaulFireDept) Tweeted:
Crews responded to a fire at a construction site near the @XcelEnergyCtr downtown @cityofsaintpaul
Firefighters fought the fire from the exterior because of the advanced stage of the fire.
No injuries have been reported. The fire is under investigation.

Nora in IA:
No worries Shep!!!  The Xcel Energy Center is where people go for games, concerts, all kinds of events.  It's not one of the power plants.


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