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Happy 2020 friends!!!

Happy, healthy New Year everyone.

I didn't make it to see the ball drop.  I fell asleep and then was awakened by fireworks at 12....Couldn't go back to sleep till 2A.

Thanks for the well wishes for my knee.  I appreciate it.  My grandmother used to always talk about her "bum" knee.  Guess it runs in the family!!!!  Oh and BAZ, the Dr. did give me a compression bandage!!

Feel better LB

Such a beautiful day today.....Take care

#3....Sweats always wins!!

Happy New Year all Cheerios and RRP!!

LB, I hope you're feeling much better today.
jicaji,  So sorry about your fall. I hope your knee is feeling better today.

Hi julie, baz, Tig and Lori thank you for your new year greeting.

My house has had a revolving family door since Dec 22 .. my son dil and dog from Boone here for a week plus everyone else coming to visit .. lots of meals to cook .. then youngest granddaughter now 5 years had birthday at my house on Dec 28 .. family here last night for new year till mid-night .. today I'll cook pork and sauerkraut meal for everyone. I love my family dearly but tomorrow I hope to wake up to a normal quiet day.  :)

Again I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year.
Take care.

jicaji: are truly amazing.  I only had Christmas day/dinner here and I was exhausted when everyone left!!!! 

Kudos to you.

Paulie do you ever have a "normal quiet"day?  I think that is more of an weldoming abnormal day!!! LOL I saw the ball drop!! Not sure how I stayed up!!!  Feeling a little better still a dry cough.  For the past 2 days copper has taking me for a few long walks a day!!!  even though my knees ache I still enjoy the walks.  He is the only basset Hound I know that doe snot get tired!!!  Happy New Year Everyone 


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