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Happy New Year 2020 for the Central time zone beakers.


And so we begin Chapter 9 of the Beak Room

Good night Dear Beaker, Cheers, Jewels Families and Friends, Happy New Year!! 

Sweet Eagle Dreams Eagles4, Jilltosa, MpMom, BL and Pip, Emy, Karen, PinkEagle, Tsk, Tig, Clynn, Oldguy, Lori, Mich-pip, Godiva, NWarg, Masswatch, Keystone, WW JW, Garmohoff, Ezee, Nrstooge, blschue, Kb, WendyC3, Lindy, Jpalm, Tigeag, Baz, ssrl, RubyRed246, T40, Ginger, TX_Ninja, eburg, Cwellsla, Indy, Paulie, laniebelle, OnEagleWings, Kelly Kadette, Firetruck1988, Patch Davis, Nanimal, Julie, Paulie, Bggolden, Nora, Rewrap4u, Eaglesrock, Blueberry, Marrymo, Puff, Smb, Nai, Gene in NE, Teamcarnes, Weasel, Seabeeinch, Walton, nickeybird, Sparky, Wilson, BHscents, Tulsaducati, Abbie, EagleDave, Xullah, DeborahG, Omasawyer, Gardengirl, Myshatzi, izzysamlikeseagles, Keamama, missylj, bustopbird, Viola76, TxTeacher, Corky, Frehaws, Neva, wrg, wnut, JJ, Barbells, Bosley, Shaggydog, Samanson, ReadyToDance, Yank, Missmeech, Talkoh, Linda.L, Nonna, smrf, nhJane, Cando, Norfolkmom.
Thinking of and missing, Thyla/Anne, D7Birder, Neverbeen, Norfolkmom, Myshatzi, Indy, Mayreee, Neva, Abbie, EagleDave, Maryanne, TxTeacher, NL, Smb, 7D, Alice, Chippy, and those who have not been with us for a while.

Prayers For Tig, Lori, Godiva, Garry and her brother, and family, Paulie's granddaughter Madison, Clynn's mom and Ed, Lori, Chris and kb, Phyl's brother Dan, and family, Lisa's brother and family, Blschue and family, Karen, Tsk's Lucy, Lori's grandmother, Tim, Jpalm, Shannon, Tim's son and grandson, Baz's great niece, Mindy MpMom & Pete, Phyl and Jim, Pink's mother and daughter, nrstooge, WW JW, Keystone, JaneCR, ssrl, Eaglesrock, Jilltosa, Eaglesrock cousin Michael, Nickeybird's BIL, 7DBirder, Nora and Joe, Godiva's friend Jane, Viola76's sister, Abbie, (Teamcarnes), Chico's daughter, Josette, Thyla/Anne, Eaglette, Neva's family, Weasel and family,  Gab's friend Lesley, Indy's friend Dave, and All here in need of healing and comforting.

Special Prayers For Kb and Scott, Jerry, Eagle-Duck, Clynn's mother, Lisa, Lori, Phyl and Jim, Indy and family, Phyl's BIL Danny and brother Dan, Chippy and Joe, KellyKadette and her cousin Roger, Nickeybird's BIL, 7DBirder, Smb and family.

Remembering Bob Anderson, Williwaw/Annie, Lindawyo, Songbird, Peggy, JaneCR, Hellgate #2 & 3, D12, D14, D18, FOUR, D25, DNN Mom, SE19, SE23, NEFL #20, Black eaglet, Our Human and Furry family Mo, Henry, Ivy, Mocha, Lily, Holly, Bandit, Riley, and Friends close to our hearts.

Williwaw and Annie
Special prayers, For Sassy, Chloe, D32, Lucy, Iris, Berry College Eagle Mom and Dad, Juliet and Romeo, Maggie, Decorah Dad  :'( , Black Bear Ted, Alaska Bears and Wolves that they be saved, Decorah, E2/D1, Dr Rogers Black bears Shadow and family and Wildlife Research Institute, and All God's creatures great and small.
God Bless Eagle-Duck and Maxie, Our prayers go with you   :-*


Just woke up, sore throat, cough & runny nose. Hope the sickness goes away quickly ;)
Back to bed soon ;)

Happy New Year.

Beakers you are the best. When I wake up each morning this is where I come to set my daily compass.  I check in periodically during the day and then again each night before I close my eyes.  Thank you for always being there. I am pleased to have been able to share another year with you. Than you all for the community.

As I type this at  this very late/early hour I am listening to an owl calling.  I think it is a barn owl, but not sure.  This morning I saw several turkey vultures (sorry Willi)  on the way to work  and on the way home  there was a hawk on a street light (smaller than a red tail).  All this in the middle of Orange County California, suburbia   So grateful for the lessons here in the beak room to learn and appreciate the nature that is all around no matter where we live in this wonderful country. 

I am grateful to all of you for just stop being there and wish you and your families health, happiness, and blessings in the New Year.

Now I have dueling owls on different sides of the house.


Happy 2020!!!  Very grateful for each and every one of you!!!  Have a beautiful year with cherished memories to come!


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