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Happy 2020 to all!

KRD - thanks so much for chronicling the last day of the decade at DNN!


January 2, 2020
Beautiful eagle

January 2, 2020

It started before the sun came up. But the sunrise was very pretty.

We had a Red Tailed Hawk come to rest on the Pasture Branch.

It was a very entertaining day today watching them.

Mrs brought 9 sticks, Mr brought 6...

Mrs brought 1 hay,  Mr brought 2 hay..

Mr and Mrs both brought a stick in their beak

Mr brought one in with one talon

One of them I didn't realize Mr could do it but he did..they both moved it together.

I watched as Mrs hung from a branch on the stream tree as she broke it off, flew to the right of the nest and had to rest a moment, at that point. It either got lodged or she lost it but decided to break another and brought it in.

As the Camera Operator was following Mrs with the stick Mr flew in with hay.

I really enjoy watching these two in their daily life, this truly is an amazing nest.  You can't see the work that goes into collecting the sticks and the process at other nests.

They fly into them to snap them off, they hang from them and flap until it breaks, or they find a good one and bounce on it until it lets go, it really is amazing to see.

I hope I haven't bored you.  I have some good shots to share.



January 2, 2020


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