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Author Topic: Jewel and her cubs  (Read 499573 times)


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Re: Jewel and her cubs
« Reply #27390 on: Today at 04:50:28 AM »

hi you guys its 64 here 39 in ice 76 in kviv and 71 in the barn very nice update good no sharpies got a blue jay. good to see rc and her kid. big kid too.  nice doc has plenty of food for all of them  thanks to our donations and thanks to field courses like one joho took!

hi neva i see where it is cooler at night middle of night but i still see high temp during the day some 100 i would have to have that cooler left on. what is fall temp like for you? how about winter? is your electric bill high mine was little under 400.00 last month but that is for cooling barn house elec to jims shop. all three so i do not think it is bad i save up for it know it is coming and have to be cool and barn has to be cool.

hi joho ford may strike more plants today if no agreement is made by noon well eleven here.


gb ukraine gb all animals and gb all of us
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Re: Jewel and her cubs
« Reply #27391 on: Today at 07:51:40 AM »

6:29 Second coffee getting cold.

 Nice morning here again. 62 and mostly sunny.  I will bike a while today again.  My legs and back are very sore each morning.  This is new, and I don't like it.  So I will try more biking and walking to alleviate it.  One doctor offered me more rehab as an option.  I forget which one though. So I will try more action on my own.  I am afraid my hips are giving out.  They hurt when I walk.  I can't ignore them anymore.
Did not see anyone again yesterday.  Or go anywhere either.  I forgot my Debbie's 61 birthday, and had to ask forgiveness.  I blamed it on not knowing what the date was.  It was the 21st, but I thought all day that it was the 20th until she called me asking if I am all right. Yikes!
I better go now. CUL EV1 GBU and GB Ukraine How did these lug nuts get into Washington?  How can we get them out? IYK


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Re: Jewel and her cubs
« Reply #27392 on: Today at 11:39:46 AM »

hi joho happy birthday to debbie you could make her a cake joho sorry your my kid but i did kinda forget your birthday my bad had days messed up i wonder that too on washington lug nuts i did not vote for them ford negotiated gave raises cola back job security not pensions yet but still working on that gm stellis gave nothing nothing so faine strikes on

The United Auto Workers expanded its strike against major automakers Friday, walking out of 38 General Motors and Stellantis parts distribution centers in 20 states.

Another 5,600 additional workers joined the strike on top of the 13,000 of the 146,000

members that began the strike one week ago.

Ford was spared additional strikes because the company has met some of the union’s demands during negotiations over the past week, said UAW President Shawn Fain.

jim and i watched it on ipad at ten am when it showed what all ford did so far jim said they wont strike us
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