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Be prepared for your eyes to leak.  Story about Lam Duan, a beautiful blind elephant.


Thank you for starting this page.

+++Maasai Mara News+++
Unique sighting in Mara today.What a beautiful special zebra foal 🙂 A real gift of nature to see that. thanks a lot to our friend Rahul sharing this pic with the zebra mum and pretty foal.
For more, visit us: ? at Matira Bush Camp.

TPABAY, my access was denied to look at the link :(

Lani, I just love the mama & her beautiful foal!!! Wish I had one ;D

From Naledi Africam

Egyptian Goose


Hi MpMom, it's gorgeous and from what I read, very rare too.
It will be interesting to watch if there will be any changes as it grows.


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