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Tawny and JJ, James River Bridge
JJ and Tawny
May 3, 2019  They even have CHAT!

Tawny showed up in October 2018
One silver band on her right leg
obxbarb - April 25 there were 3 eggs - unknown when they were laid.
Dr. Bryan Watts, he runs Center for a Conservation Biology.

Tawny is an Assateague falcon
Tawny hatched in 2018 - per Terka, bcaw
ORIGINAL pair:  James and  Elizabeth.
James lived longer than any tiercel that we've ever known of.
JJ is his son.  JJ band b/g *7/*C

2 banded Assateague falcons
Satellite transmitters have shown 2 peregrines travels.
One made a beeline for Cuba, and was never heard from again.
The other bird flew to Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia.
She got into the Andes, the headwaters of the Amazon, finally stayed in the high plains of Argentina about 700 miles northwest of Buenos Aires.

March 2020 I changed this title to add Richmond
March 2021 I added Anacapa
April 2021  I added Omaha

Omaha, Anacapa, Cathedral, Richmond, NY, James River  2019-2021
I list them, I dont have time to watch them all

Omaha page 6 - 2021

The New NY Bridge Project Peregrine Falcon cam
Hatchings  May 3, 2019

I DO NOT have time to follow so many cams
so I am just putting this here

I considered just making this thread - MISC falcons

NY Bridge Project
May 4  Temp 
9 am  I saw her feed her 2 hatchlings

James River
Tawny and JJ

NY Hudson Bridge
May 5, 2019  Cinco de Mayonaise Sonday   
I took both parents


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