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After the Fledge 2019

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We don't have a lot of details, but there will be an After The Fledge 2019 from Thursday, July 18 through Sunday, July 21 (with hopefully another boat ride on Sunday, July 21. Watch this space for details and mark your calendar now!


--- Quote from: mrsfalcon on January 12, 2019, 11:01:37 AM ---We don't have a lot of details, but there will be an After The Fledge 2019 from Thursday, July 18 through Sunday, July 21 (with hopefully another boat ride on Sunday, July 21. Watch this space for details and mark your calendar now!

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How exciting!

Hiya Everybody!
I'll be posting more details as the season progresses, but I thought I'd give you all some information about our After the Fledge Celebration!

On Thursday, July 18th we will have our Meet and Greet, at the Hatchery.  Come meet the mods and chatters, enjoy some pizza under the tent near the waterfall!

Friday, July 19th is a day filled with fun!  There will be a canoe/kayak trip down the scenic Upper Iowa River-join Iverburl, TulsaDucati and others for a beautiful morning float trip!  We almost always see eagles, herons, and lots of other wildlife!!! That is also the day that we will be Paying it Forward at the Decorah Fish Hatchery!  We will be weeding those butterfly gardens, and assembling monofilament recycling stations, to be placed along the sides of creeks in NE Iowa.  Stay tuned for more interesting and fun activities for Friday...

Saturday, July 20th is a big day!  We have the bike ride in the morning-a great chance to get some exercise, and see some of the magical Decorah area!  In the afternoon we will have our presentations at Valders Hall in Luther College, including an airing of the film "Decoding the Driftless".  More information coming very, very soon!  And Saturday night is our dinner under the tent at the Hatchery-always tasty and fun!!!

On Sunday, July 21st we are planning another trip to the Mississippi River, to check out the wildlife, and spend a little more time together before we all sadly depart what is truly the Happiest Place on Earth ;D

Throughout the weekend there will be short demonstrations at the hatchery on various subjects. There will be a merchandise table, for all the eagle swag you just can't resist buying, with all the proceeds going to RRP.  And everybody better study hard, because the eagle quiz this year promises to be as challenging as ever!

Please be sure to check back here for more information about our event, and for lodging information from Puff and I! I will be posting the registration form here, as well as the reservation form for those who would like to stay at the Luther dormitories...

I hope y'all can join us, it's going to be a blast!!!

                                              AFTER THE FLEDGE 2019

OK, are you ready to rumble?  On the horizon is our 7th annual (?) ATF.  This year we will have an opportunity to witness the new cast members and new responsibilities of all.  Let's cheer them on to victory.

Our main days this year are July 18, 19, and 20.  Thursday, July 18, would be our evening get-together with pizza; Friday, July 19, is our planned activities day, all fun and fullfilling; Saturday, July 20, has some formal planned presentations at the college, followed by our late afternoon fun-under-the-tent picnic.  On checkout date, July 21, there is a bonus activity that usually follows.   Of course there are hours and hours of chit chatting, meeting some of the faceless posters in our media channels, and the pure joy of watching the eagles soar!   Specifics will follow later, as the people in charge of those finalize their schedules.

For my part I will again be handling the accommodations.  Reservations must be made through me, only because all the rooms are contracted and held to my credit card.  As you will see from the below listing, there are 5 different locations that I have on hold.  They are on hold until the beginning of June.  You should make your choice and then contact me with the usual information:  your full name, address, phone number, room type and hotel, your credit card number, expiration date, and security code.  The credit information is only to hold the room to you.  Nothing is charged until you check out on July 21.  Some of the properties are willing to work with anyone coming early or staying later than July 21.  There are no penalty fees if you need to cancel.  I can give a list of B & B places in Decorah and their contact info.  I do not do the reservations for them however.  Please be careful with any commitments they have.

Here are the local properties and what they are offering this year:

Hotel Winneshiek       3 rooms       $ 119 - $ 159 per night

Quality Inn Suites      10 rooms      $ 172 - $ 182 per night

Country Inn & Suites  10 rooms     $ 110 - $ 150 per night

Fairfield Marriott       10 rooms      $ 139 - $149 per night

Super 8 Decorah        15 rooms      $ 129 per night

*Taxes are in addition to the above amounts

Contact me for any further information and any questions

Puff/LaNora                 630-852-2108              [email protected]

Thank you Puff! I hope the chatters take advantage of all you have to offer them!

Okay, so this is already kind of out there, but I wanted to make a formal announcement, so here goes:

On Saturday, July 20th we will be showing the film "Decoding the Driftless" at Valders Hall, in Luther College. But we will also have another presentation.....

You know him, you love him-We will be seeing our very own favorite Ambassador Decorah, replete with his adult plumage!  I just can't wait!!!  Woohooo! ;D


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