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The Melbourne peregrines are now back in their tiny shoebox of a nest, where they do not even have space to turn around. I would love to see them with a much more spacious nest, with a deck and perches.

The article below shows four eggs in the nest on September 9, but I have only seen three eggs whenever I have checked the site.


Hatching has now begun.

The first chick:

One of the parents has a very pronounced eye ring, and is probably new this year.

At least two chicks have hatched:

I hope they will have a very successful year.

Another article:


--- Quote from: T40cfr403 on September 13, 2018, 07:39:22 PM ---Peregrine falcons on top of 367 Collins Street have webcam watchers awaiting hatching

Falcon cam:

A webcam captures the peregrine falcons nesting on top of the 367 Collins building.
Facebook: Holly Cannon

--- End quote ---

Update: Webcam captures the moment three peregrine falcon chicks hatch on top of Melbourne high-rise

Photo: The chick did manage to get back to its feet after this bout of sibling rivalry. (Facebook: Venetia Pereira)

Mom, and the three hungry chicks:

I believe all three chicks had some food:


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