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How to get a Chatroll account

* How to sign up for a chatroll account
I can't see the stream!
If you can't see the stream, your device or browser is probably not HTML5 compatible. To check, follow one of these links:

* youtube's HTML5 tester
* Our embed tester: There are three test streams on that page, labeled 1, 2, and 3. We need to know which one you can't see, so please let us know in your post.
We need to know the name and version of the browser/app and computer/device you are using to help diagnose your issue. Don't know? go here!

If you can't see HTML5 streams, you may need to get a newer device. I have a Gen I fire kindle. Despite keeping up with software upgrades, it can't stream live video and doesn't support HTML5. Adobe (the maker of Flash) is quitting Flash altogether in 2020 and many browsers either don't support Flash or have very uneven support, which is why YouTubeand Ustream both made the move to HTML5.

This thread is for information only. Please post questions in the threads below. Thank you!



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