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Eaglecrest Wildlife 2018

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Welcome to the Eaglecrest Wildlife 2018 thread! The original Eaglecrest Wildlife thread is locked, but will remain in the archives for the next month to give everyone a chance to go through it and save favorites. Thanks!


January 3, 2018, Wednesday, 2:15pm --  Wilson's Snipes -- Meee Panning

Saw 3 Wilson's Snipes at the EC Pond.  Videotape: ff 1:31:34 to 1:44:00

[attachment deleted by admin]

Here are two Rabbits seen under the Trees eating , taken by BoxerLover19.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Here is a good  close up of just how much is left of the red Tail Hawks Nest, taken by Cawildflower.

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January 5th 2 Barn Owls having a rest on the branch on home tree.

Later they were in the nest enjoying each others company

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