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It was requested tonight in chat that we post the list of recommended books for studying and learning more about the Bald Eagle.  This list is by no means a complete list, but it's certainly a good start for those who want to learn more. The list is in no particular order.

A Season with Eagles by Dr. Scott Nielsen
The Bald Eagle by Mark Stalmaster
The Bald Eagle - Haunts and Habits of a Wilderness Monarch by Jon Gerrard and Gary Bortolotti
Understanding the Bird of Prey by Nick Fox
Raptors: The Birds of Prey by Scott Weidensaul
Just Eagles by Alan Hutchinson

Thanks for starting this thread O. Here are a few more bald eagle, raptor and general  avian books I'd like to recommend:

Ornithology by Frank Gill
Manual of Ornithology by Noble S. Proctor and Patrick J. Lynch
Majestic Eagles by Stan Tekiela
How Fast Can a Falcon Dive? by Peter Capainolo and Carol A. Butler
Raptor Research and Management Techniques by David M. Bird and Keith L. Bildstein
Sky Spirit by Michael Furtman

Thank you so much, Oregonian and Jfrancl for these book titles.

You are so smart and caring for those who want to know first hand.

SeabeeinchCH <3

I am so glad someone has started this page & will be checking back to see the titles so I can see about borrowing some of these books from the library to read. Thank you so much.

Some of the best reading you can find is right within the Raptor Resource Project.  The RRP Blog is authored by Amy Reis who is a staff member at RRP and her articles are full of information about not only the Decorah eagles but other raptors as well.  Amy is very knowledgeable about bald eagles (as well as other raptors) and you will find her articles very informative and fun to read.

You will find the RRP Blog here:


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