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Multifoods Tower/City Center Peregrine cam, Minneapolis, MN

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Hi everyone.  Just to let you know that the camera is live for the 2017 season and the first egg arrived Sunday, April 2.  The web address is  The 2017 pair is the same pair as in 2016:  Triumph b/r 58/P(2013 fledge Mayo Clinic) and Genie b/r 22/X (2012 fledge Mayo building, UMN).

Some information on the site:  This site hosted the FIRST successful fledge of a peregrine falcon in the upper Midwest since DDT took its toll on peregrines.  This year we will be celebrating the 30th Anniversary for this wild fledge "Maude", and the banding (if all things go well) is open to the public to view.  Go to the Midwest Peregrine Society facebook page for any event news, and I will try to keep things updated here as well.

The fourth egg arrived this morning, so looking at banding (if we have hatch) in early June. The Midwest Peregrine Society's Facebook page will post an event date when it is scheduled.

We are gearing up for a hatch in 2017, expected ~ May 13th.  This site is memorable in many ways, but most importantly, it was the FIRST site to successfully fledge a peregrine in the Upper Midwest in 1987, post DDT.  We are hoping to have a chick (or four!) celebrate that important 30th Anniversary in our recovery efforts.

We have our first hatch!  When I figure out the banding schedulene, I'll make sure to let everyone know since this site is one where the banding is open to the public.

I was just able to confirm with everyone a date and time for banding:  Friday, June 2 at noon in the Atrium area (street level).  This banding is open to the public, so come join us in celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the FIRST successful hatch and fledge for a peregrine in the Upper Midwest, post DDT.


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