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In Memorium: obit links

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Nora in IA:
Oh my gosh I hope you see this Judi!  I'm so glad you came here.  I had a card for your dad and called assisted living to confirm a room, although they usually can't give that out, but thought they could at least confirm the room I had was correct.  I didn't have a good feeling at all and when I called she hesitated and got all choked up and told me about his passing.  By the time we got done she was in tears.  It was nice to know he was in such a caring place.

That is really something about the eagle flying over your brother's back then.  I felt like your dad may have stayed with the "bear people" later on because it was too hard to keep up with the eagles, too.  Are you in Florida also now?  I always think of you when there are bad storms headed for Baton Rouge.  What a fantastic family photo!

Take care, Nora

Nora in IA:

--- Quote from: mrsfalcon on January 04, 2021, 11:13:28 AM ---Another obit. Julie Shaffer:
"Julie worked as a Professor of English at Indiana University. She will be remembered as an incredible wife and mother. She loved gardening, reading, good champagne, caring for animals; especially her basset hounds. Julie's energy for life and adventure spread contagiously in every social or intimate setting. Our family feels the greatest loss from her ability to live in the moment, and make everyone she came into contact with feel special and important. Her sparkle she added to every room, remains permanent for us. "


--- End quote ---
I'm so sorry to hear about losing Julie, also.  I'm glad her family was with her.  It was such a bad year last year.


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