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Nora in IA:
Here's a thread where we can post Jig-Zone puzzles we make.  They will be related to anything, not necessarily wildlife.  :)

P.S.  If anyone ever gets bored and wants to putz with more puzzles, here are a couple links to JigZone that we've made...

JP's puzzle album --

Nora's puzzle album --

Goody,  goody.

Gallery Summary:  My first Gallery  My Second Gallery  Nora's Gallery  bischue's Gallery

Autumn Leaves.  41 piece Tetris.  6:49

Fractal 10 19 4.  62 piece Tetris.  8:44.

Thanks for restarting the thread, Nora! Much appreciated! I will put on the DND (do not delete) list.



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